The Sims 4 Gallery Spotlight


Savvy Starters

Smart Sims know that buying established real estate can be less pricey and time consuming than a new build.  Download all these free properties from the Gallery and move into a turnkey ready home with all (or most of) the bells and whistles.  Enjoy! *Please note that some of these will require the starting simoleons of two or more Sims (§20,000 for first Sim, §2,000 for each additional) to purchase without cheats*


1. Cute Little Starter by dandibrandi7, §12,034

Adorable curb appeal and an efficient use of money and space, this open concept home has a main room with living and kitchen combined, a bathroom, and a bedroom.



2. Little Starter by Jessdance510, §15,947

So much has been included in this little gem!  The front room holds a living area with chess table, television, bookshelf and guitar; the kitchen area is adjacent.  The bedroom and bathroom are in the rear.  The grounds are modestly landscaped and the back garden offers a bonsai tree and easel.



3. Modern Starter 16 by WhoStoleMyCheez, §16,714

Distinctive wraparound porch and balcony help define this quaint home.  The first floor offers a kitchen with at island eating and a living area with television, computer and stereo.  The second floor holds the master bedroom with bookshelf and en suite bath.  The grounds have lots of room to grow and the creator was kind enough to leave a little trash pile to scavenge for much needed parts.



4. Little Starter Farm- BG by Miss_payn, §17,908

Seeking the simple life?  Look no further!  This base game only beauty offers a first floor living area with television, a kitchen and a toilet room.  The second floor holds the master bedroom and en suite bath.  The grounds are ready for farming with assorted items ready to be planted.



5. White Cottage Starter by o-Calla-o, §18,347

Gingerbread trim and a warm porch welcome a comfortable life within these cozy walls.  The front living area includes a television and bookshelf, plus a dining area.  The kitchen, bathroom, master bedroom and child’s room with a computer are all adjacent.



6. Comfy Starter by jeskan_veskan, §17,938

A sunny yellow door leads into this adorable home.  The open concept includes a kitchen with island seating and living area with television.  The bedroom with pet bed is in the rear and the bathroom adjacent.  The back garden has a cozy deck with picnic table and comfy seating.



7. Little Tudor Starter Home by Black_Chii77, §18,376

Lovingly cultivated landscaping rings this comfy cottage.  The foyer opens to a living area with television and bookcase, kitchen, bathroom and master bedroom.  The back garden has a dining table and a small fruit tree orchard.



8. Overgrown Tuscan Starter by RyeCris16, §18,480

Ideal for a small family, this charming ivy laced home has an open floor plan including living area with television, bookshelf, desk and dining table.  Adjacent is the kitchen, bathroom, master bedroom and child’s bedroom with toy box.



9. Modern Getaway Starter by DasilynneSims, §19,190

Tall windows and elevated ceilings bring the light into this modern home.  The open floor plan includes a living area with television, stereo, bookshelf and computer plus a kitchen and dining area.  The bedroom and bathroom are adjacent.



10. Modern Starter by irockhjl, §20,201

Minimalist exterior is juxtaposed with a warm interior in this modern home.  The open concept has a kitchen, dining area and living area with television, guitar, bookshelf and easel.  The master bedroom and bathroom are adjacent.