Broken Mods for February ’18 Patch/ Jungle Adventure GP

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Note – This post is no longer being updated! I stop updating these posts once a new patch gets released or a month has passed which by then any mods that weren’t updated likely wouldn’t be any time soon.

New Game Update 1.40.61 is out, which means your mods may need to be updated. As always, you should make sure they are compatible before re-enabling your mods. Here we will list the status of Mods (and CC if they get broken too) in the community to make it easier for you!

Incompatible  Updated Compatible Reported Working

Unknown/Not Tested Obsolete  Programs


♦♦  Before submitting reports please read the following ♦♦

→If reporting a mod as broken – Please include the following information, which will help us make the list more accurate for you:

  1. Name of Mod and Author (if known):
  2. Reason you think the mod is broken:
  3. It will be a great help to test the mod alone in your Mods folder to make sure that it’s not a mod conflicting issue. Have you tried testing alone, with NOTHING else in your mods folder?:

→If reporting a mod as working or updated – Only the Name of the Mod/Author is needed.

NOTE – CC (Custom Content – objects, clothes, hair, makeup, recolors, etc) will only be added if it gets broken. Therefore, only report CC if it’s not working as it did before the patch, if it’s working fine, there’s no need to report it.

Mods that change game play, please feel free to report either way.

If there’s a mod not listed, please feel free to comment with the mod name.

♦♦ Submit reports by commenting below or tag me on twitter @ScarletQueenKat ♦♦


These mods need to be updated, some have just been reported as being broken, so not all are confirmed. To be on the safe side, do not add them back to your game.  You need to re-download updated versions when they’re released. Please be patient with the creators, not all of them can update right away.


General Mods that WILL need updated:

  • Faster Eating Mods
  • No Auto Grab Drink from Fridge
  • No Auto Drink from Sink

Specific Mods 

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Theses mods have been updated, please re-download the new versions. Will only make notes of Re-updates if they’re crucial to compatibility.

  • Mods by Bienchen @Deichschaf
    • banquettable
    • nofakevampire
    • blossomfestival_version2
    • noautonomoushomeworkandjournal
    • whimoverhaul
    • awayactions
    • autowedding ring
    • dancingtweak
  • Mods by Cinderellimouse
    • Auto NPCs
  • Mods by coolspear @Sims Asylum
    • General Mods
      • crafting_KeepCopyPublishedBooks
      • garden_bushFertilize_LowAttraction_LessTimeStink
      • HomeStereos_AllMusicTypes
      • object_VoidCritterCardsNotRemovedFromNPCInventories
      • reworkedBeds_Alpha
      • reworkedGymEquipment_NoAutoPushTheLimits_X2Use_GoodWorkoutBuff2days
      • simGhosts_NoAutoPossess&NoAutoBreakStuff
      • sim_NoAutoMakeBarDrinks(MB)
      • sim_NoAutoCheckToddler
      • sim_NoAutoDrinkFromSink
      • sim_NoAutoGrabDrinkFridge_V2
      • sim_NoAutoHugs
      • sim_NoAutoStereo
      • sim_NoAutoToddlerAskToBePickedUp
      • sim_NPC_NoMoreIrratatingPhoneContact_All
      • sim_StepAwayFromTheDJ
      • social_FriendlierAskToLeave(RH)
      • social_Trick&TreatAlways
      • traits_AllTraitsInRewardsStore
      • traits_GetToKnowNoCooldown&LeanrMoreTraits15
      • traits_UnHiddenTraits_Icons&Text
      • Those not listed are Compatible!
    • Specialized Mods
      • venuesSixam_NoRunning_AlwaysAlienPartyX16_BarX2_AlienDJ
      • WormholeTravel_TheHiddenEverywherePortal
      • Those not listed are Compatible!
    • Food & Drink Mods
      • Unknown
    • Career Mods
      • careerDoc_1TaskGivesMax
      • careerDoc_IllnessSymptomEffectsLastLonger
      • careerDoc_PatientsPlayedHumanSimsOnly
      • careerDoc_QuickTreadmill10Mins
      • careerSciSG_1TaskGivesMax
      • Those not listed are Compatible!
  • Mods by edespino @MTS
    • Higher money requirement for join to Clubs
    • Higher skill level threshold like rule for join a club
    • More Club Members [& Gender Requirements!]
    • Play Voidcritters For All Ages
    • Trade Voidcritters For All Ages
  • Mods by egureh @MTS
    • Fridge Stores All Harvests
    • Matched Spacesuits
    • More Intimate Emotional Support
    • No Autonomous Rude/Flirty/Enchanting Introductions
    • Toybox Stores Collectibles
  • Mods by JustAnotherSimsFan @Sims Asylum
    • Gender Filters for Clubs
    • Longer Interaction Queue
    • No Autonomous Dance to Stereo and Wall Speaker
  • Mods by LittleMsSam
    • Ask for a romantic Massage
    • Ask to Cook/Bake/Grill/Mix Drink!
    • Ask to Go For Walk and more
    • Auto Employees Lot Trait
    • Autonomous Gardening
    • Babysitter
    • Better Mattress
    • Better Nanny
    • Call for Diner
    • Cookbooks Cultural, Experimental & Seafood
    • Dog Walker
    • Food Delivery Service
    • Give Gift
    • Hire certain Employees (Vet)
    • Hire Family Members at Restaurants
    • Homewarming Party
    • Improved SpaDay Tablet
    • Kids can walk with dogs
    • Longer Sit in High Chair
    • More BFFs
    • More Away Actions
    • More Buyable Venues
    • More Visitors Lot Trait
    • New Potions
    • No Auto Food Grab after Cooking
    • No auto set table
    • No Strangers knocking
    • Parenting Teens & more
    • Playing together
    • Power Nap
    • Power Workout
    • Pregnancy Overhaul
    • Random Bug Fixes
    • Retail Overhaul
    • Send to Bed
    • Small Invite to Hang Out Overhaul
    • Social Activities
    • Unlock Door for chosen Sims
    • Vampire Powers
  • Mods by Manderz0630 @MTS
    • Any Ghost Can Set a Fire
    • Be romantic and woohoo despite mood of sims
    • Career Socials unhidden
    • Flirtatious Interactions Always Available
    • No Autonomous Exercise
    • Shimrod’s Confident, Pregnant and Energized Walks Disabled
    • Shimrod’s Happy Buffs Changed To Fine
  • Mods by Menaceman44 @MTS
    • Magnolia Promenade Colour Map Override
    • Newcrest Colour Map Override
    • Oasis Springs Map Override
  • Mods by Neia @MTS
    • Less success for Try for Baby
    • More Clubs per Sim
  • Mods by PolarBearSims @MTS
    • Autonomous “Ask to Move In”
    • Autonomous First Kiss!
    • Autonomous Proposals!
    • Autonomous Weddings!
    • Inappropriate To Marry FIX
    • Labor Puddles PLUS Pets!
    • NO! Ask for Advice~Parenthood
    • NO! Change into Bear Costume~Parenthood
    • NO! Cry it Out!
    • NO! Think About Family Member~Parenthood
    • Restaurant~Hire Who Ever!
    • Risky Woohoo & Try For Baby Chances
    • Socialization is Fun!
    • Teen/Adult Romance & Mess Around
    • Vet-Hire Who Ever!
  • Mods by roBurky @MTS
    • Emotional Inertia
    • Fitness Controls – with Expanded Fitness Limits
    • Uncomfortable Overhaul
    • Variable Emotional Traits
  • Mods by Sacrificial (aka Dramatic-Gamer)
    • Deadly Toddlers
    • Extreme Violence Mod
    • Haunted Mirror
    • Road To Fame “MOD” (Re-updated 2/24 – Please Re-Download!)
    • The Cursed Painting MOD (Download here)
    • Torture And Chaos MOD (Download here)
  • Mods by scumbumbo @MTS
    • Packing Crates for TS4
  • Mods by Simstopics @SimsWorkshop
    • All Walkstyles Disabled
    • Children Can Die of Anything
    • Faster Retail Actions
  • Mods by Triplis @MTS
    • Become a Sorcerer
  • Mods by weerbesu @MTS
    • Flash-Based In-Game Pack Browser
    • More Columns in CAS
    • Rotating Animatics on Main Screen
    • UI Cheats Extension
  • All Beds Same Energy & Comfort by cyclelegs (originally by Shimrod101)
  • Automatic Sunburns by flerb (Re-updated 2/25 – Please Re-Download!)
  • Basemental Drugs *18+ NSFW* by Basemental
  • CC Wrench Icon Hiders by AOM
  • Cooking & Ingredients Overhaul by graycurse
  • Darker Loading Screen Mod by Teanmoon (originally by Hlath)
  • DJ Booth Plays Custom Music by RevyRei
  • Fairies Mod V1.5 by Nyx
  • Faster Eating and Drinking by cyclelegs
  • Ghost Needs (Removed) by KlingonDragon
  • Lower Threshold for Parenthood Traits by tyjokr
  • MC Command Center by Deaderpool
  • Mermaids Mod 1.0 by Nyx (Re-updated 2/26 – Please Re-Download!)
  • MODD 2 – Better furniture recategorizer by tucatuc
  • More Cheat Shortcuts by darkhorus
  • No More ingredients needed mods by Scarlet (originally by catalina_45)
  • NPC Control by Paulson
  • Place in World Objects by K9DB
  • Simulation Lag Fix by duderocks
  • Slower Motives Decay by snthe
  • The Dunce Trait by conka2000 (Updated for the Cats & Dogs patch)
  • The Paranoid Trait by conka2000 (Updated for the Cats & Dogs patch)
  • The Socially Awkward Trait by conka2000 (Updated for the Cats & Dogs patch)
  • Trait/Custom Life State Inheritance & Club Filters by KlingonDragon
  • Unify Hair, Makeup and/or Tattoos by Lynire
  • Vamp Spar Gains Conflict Resolution by RevyRei

Updated for Features

These mods have been updated for improvements, but they’re not required for patch compatibility.

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These mods do not need an update, you can continue using them. Mods will only be put into this section when the creator has confirmed them compatible, or I have checked them myself.

  • Mods by Cinderellimouse
    • Gain Hygiene from Bubbly Fountain
    • Free Bartender and Barista!
    • Hire Market Vendors for Free
    • More Flea Market Objects
    • Portable Basketball Hoop
    • Portable Professional Photography Studio
    • Specific Seed Packets
    • Storage Crate
    • The Junk Mod
  • Mods by Diabolicalsims
    • Functional Christmas Stockings
    • Functional Essential Oils (Laundry Additives)
    • Functional Tidy Pods (Laundry Additives)
    • Medicine Cabinet
    • Perfect Pet Bed
    • Summer Spa Drink Tray
  • Mods by edespino @MTS
    • Less Waving Goodbye (originally by Shimrod101)
    • No Autonomous Reading
    • No Inappropriate Family and Friends
  • Mods by egureh @MTS
    • Always Generate Insects
    • Easygoing Baby
    • Longer Efficacy Emotion Potions
    • No Cooldown For Breeding Frogs
    • “Work/Study Hard” Gains More Performance
  • Mods by icemunmun @MTS
    • Custom Foods
    • Debug Gardening Interactions made visible
    • Functional Beekeeper Box by icemunmun
    • Functional candy Dispenser with Edible Candies
    • Functional Canning Station and Custom Canning Skill by icemunmun
    • Those not listed are also compatible!
  • Mods by JustAnotherSimsFan @Sims Asylum
    • Aliens Have Human Voices
    • All toddlers can climb stairs
    • Faster computer chat social gain
    • Growfruit tree glow removed
    • More household starting funds
    • No angry and embarrassed alien discovery
    • No autonomous push ups, sit ups and stretching
    • No goals needed for school
    • No monster under the bed
  • Mods by LittleMsSam
    • ATM Cards and now with real Credit Function!
    • Earbuds | Listen to Music is Fun
    • Herbalism | No Insects as Ingredients
    • Higher/Longer Payments for Apps/Games
    • Maid & Gardener Service
    • Sleep all Night
  • Mods by Manderz0630 @MTS
    • Bug fix: Hides the Lovelorn Tense Moodlet
    • No Cool Down Time for Alien Brain Power
    • No making enemies for Farting and Belching
  • Mods by Menaceman44 @MTS
    • Bug Catch Text Override
    • “Chips” to “Crisps” Text Replacement for UK Players
    • Insect Spawners Unlocked
    • Pan De Muerto Retail Price Fix
    • Thin Book Tuning Fix
    • Update for Scumbumbo’s “Molding Clay Builds Creativity” Mod
    • Default “Park Sleeper” Tank Tops by
    • “Life of the Party” Accessories Fix
  • Mods by Neia @MTS
    • Get a random number
    • No Brain Freeze
    • No Culling
    • No More Relationship Culling
    • No More Same Sims Everywhere
    • No Skilling for Inactive Sims
    • Self-Employment Career
  • Mods by Pawlq @MTS
    • Blicblock – Improve Logic Skill
    • Early exit from school
    • FASTER gain and lose character values
    • FIX – ALLOW SUPER SPEED – Festivals and Loud Neighbor
    • FIX – Attend to Rabbit Hole events v2
    • HGS – Faster Needs Decay
    • HGS – More Expensive Club Perks
    • HGS – More expensive partying
    • HGS – More Expensive SPA Massage
    • Improve Logic skill – away action
    • More traits for kids
    • No More Elders and Ghosts In Nightclub
    • Retire for adults
  • Mods by PolarBearSims @MTS
    • Birthday Anytime!
    • Faster Showers & Baths!
    • Ghosts Can Have Babies!
    • Global Gender Preference
    • Instant Morning Sickness
    • Moody Laundry Piles Mod
    • Praise Vet Employee All You Want!
    • Pregnant Aging & Death PLUS Children&Toddlers
    • Shower Bladder Reliever!
  • Mods by roBurky @MTS
    • Dollhouse Smashing Autonomy Tweaks
    • No Happy Environment Moodlets
    • True Happiness
  • Mods by Sacrificial (aka Dramatic-Gamer)
  • Mods by scumbumbo @MTS
    • Call Anytime + Relationship Mod
    • Evolve All Plants
    • SimLotto
    • Smarter Baby Care
    • Unlisted Phone Numbers
    • Working Alarm Clocks
  • Mods by Simstopics @SimsWorkshop
    • Bad Grades are OK!
    • Employees Stay 24 Hours
    • Faster Homework
    • Free/Half Priced Club Perks
    • Free/Half Priced Restaurant Perks
    • Free/Half Priced Retail Perks
    • Free/Half Priced Vet Perks
  • Mods by weerbesu @MTS
    • Faster Sim Spawning
    • Janitors on Community Lots
    • Longer Parties & More Guests
  • Anyone can Swipe Mod by itasan2
  • Better Birdwatching by cyclelegs
  • Cooler Sicknesses Mod by Nies
  • Custom Drink Interactions by TheFoodGroup
  • Custom Food Interactions by TheFoodGroup
  • Dark Meditation – Two Vampire Mods by Chaavik
  • Drinks Give More Food and Energy Boost by cyclelegs
  • Duplicated Fix – Object Catalog Sets hider by tucatuc
  • Fish Stay Fresh FOREVER!!! by Staarchild
  • Friendly Birds At The Birdfeeder by cyclelegs
  • Functional Radiator by K9DB
  • Gender Preference Set by azoresman
  • Get to College by itasan2
  • Hire Additional Vet by kou
  • Improved Romance Animations (Default Replacement) by simsilver0
  • Less ‘Musical Chairs’, No Group Chat by LittleMsSam (originally by Shimrod101)
  • Longer/shorter Pregnancy for Sims by Havem
  • More Drinks For Kids by K9DB
  • More Portable Objects by K9DB
  • Neighborhood Protection – No Vampires! by LittleMsSam (originally by Tanja1986)
  • No More Welcome Wagon by TheFandomGirl
  • Selectable Pets by AOM
  • Show/Search Sim Info Mod by itasan2
  • Try for Baby in Larger Households by claudiasharon
  • Vampire XP Gain Mods – Two Types of Mods by Chaavik
  • WickedWhims *18+ NSFW* by Turbodriver

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Reported to be Working

Mods listed here have not been confirmed compatible, however, they’re being reported as working. Still use with caution, they may or may not need an update.


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Unknown/Not Tested

These may or may not be okay to put back in your game, use at your own risk! If you can test them with no other mods installed and report, would appreciate it!


No traits should need updating.

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Obsolete/No Longer Supported

These mods are broken and are either no longer needed or no longer being supported.

  • Nothing at this time

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