The Sims 4 Jungle Adventure: Temple Exploration Live Stream Info/Q&A (RECAP)

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In today’s Sims 4 Jungle Adventure Live Stream, SimGurus provided info and answered questions about the game pack. This live stream was focused on Temple exploration.

Check out the February 15th live stream RECAP here.


Jungle Adventure Overview

The gurus kicked off today’s stream showing off the Temple Lot with their two Sims. Prior to arriving at the Temple Lot, they spent time visiting various lots in the world including the marketplace, where they learned some Selvadoradian Culture Skill.


To enter the temple lot Sims will have to clear pathways throughout the jungle until they find this lot. Once here Sims will be able to enter the temple if they successfully bypass the temple defenses.

When they proceed toward the entrance of the temple, the gates are seen glowing and the option to “Try to Pass” appears as a means for the Sims to enter the temple.

In the outside areas of the temple you can find dirt piles to excavate, “strange” devices, and other types of oddities like glyphs. The Sims who interact with these areas will increase their Archaeology Skill.


The Sim who approached the Glyphs (bowls) was trying to figure out which of them would provide access to the temple gates. Aside from trying to get through on their own, Sims can also try to force the gates open using triggers.

Notification Reads: “Sim figured out that some of these triggers won’t work to unlock the gate, but that doesn’t rule them all out. The Sim could try their luck by activating a trigger or keep examining other mechanisms.”

As a Sim continues to examine the glyphs, they will eventually narrow it down to one trigger that should work to unlock the gates. In the photo below you can see that 3/4 options have a “thumbs down”, making the 4th option a possible working trigger.


The Sim eventually makes an offering to the “Leaves Glyph” and ends up with the wrong activation. The glyph turns red and the Sim spins around in leaves and wind. The Sim does receive some “bone dust” in her inventory, but she will have to try better and harder in order to bypass the temples defenses.

Notification Reads: This isn’t sand…it’s…bone dust? Ew. The Sim is paying for activating the temple’s defenses!

The Gurus then stated that everything inside and below the temple is hidden to Sims who do not have access to the temple. When attempting to go down a floor, we get a glimpse of the underworld of the temple.

Gurus eventually decided to use the “Try to Pass” interaction on the temple’s entrance. The Sim once again failed to enter this way with the temple notification stating “Sim thought for sure they could slip through a thin part of the force field, but that bounce..” 


At this point the second Sim headed over to the “lever” located next to one of the glyph statues and pulled it. She was also unsuccessful.

Another notification appears regarding Sims trying to bypass the temple defenses, and the Sim received another round of “bone dust”. The Gurus did state that there is a way to get through the temple if you have the right “objects/things”.

The Gurus then attempted to pull the lever of the glyph statue again by using the “Assemble Sun Glyphs” option, and the Sim failed once again and was scorched by the Sun. You can tell right away if the selection is bad as the statue/objects emit a red glow.


The Sim survived by extinguishing herself, and used a “Waterfall in a Bottle” to clean up. They then proceeded to “Assemble Tree Glyphs” to once again attempt to byspass the temples defenses. This one was an obvious success as the object glowed green.

Notification Reads: Sim has bypassed the temple’s defenses and the gate has opened! Sim can now venture further into the Temple to find what rewards await...

Now if you thought that this would give you a sure fire answer regarding what option to use during your own exploration, Gurus noted that the triggers are randomized, therefore you will have to use a different option each time. They also made it a point to state that traps and all other temple related objects will randomize with each trip.


Now that the Sims were able to bypass the temple defenses, the temple opened up and revealed two staircases leading in two different directions.

They proceeded into the lower half of the temple entrance where we see pressure plates, statues, and other oddities. They also stated that there are 5 different pre-set temple layouts, so you will see one of the 5 each time you enter.

Now that they have entered the temple, Sims will have to deal with more mechanisms that allow them access to other parts of the temple. One of the obstacles seen was an “army” of skeletons and an electrocution gate. You can try to pass, but Sims will most likely be electrocuted when they attempt to pass the obstacle.



Since the Sim will not be able to pass this way, they went over to the “talking head” which they did confirm was inspired by legends of the hidden temple. They proceeded to use the “Compliment Carvings” interaction on the talking head.

To their surprise, this interaction actually opened the next set of temple defenses so the Sims could enter other parts of the temple.

The Sim was also blessed with the “Glorious Tastes” blessing which states: “Sim has been blessed with Glorious Tastes. Every dish is delighting their tastebuds. Even poorly prepared dishes have more redeeming qualities.” This allows any food a Sim consumes to taste good no matter the quality. This helps a Sim while they explore the jungle and temple.


Gurus proceeded further into the temple where they were approached by yet another temple defense. This time it was a gaseous path Sims would have to bypass.

Notification Reads: “Well, Sim tried to hold their breath as they passed through the deadly gas, but it wasn’t…” The Sim was then hit with a 12 hour moodlet from the poison emitted at the gate. Skin spots were seen on the Sim. Sims who are hit with dangers like this along the way can either recover, or will have to search for an antidote.

❗ Later in the stream the Sim overcame the poising and felt better.

In the meantime the other Sim is examining other objects in the temple to become more familiar with them in hopes of finding a solution to clear the path. After futher examination, the sim determined that those triggers will not unlock the gate.


The other Sim went over to the talking head statue and used the “Examine” interaction. In the meantime the other Sim headed over to the glyphs and because she had the Arcaeology Skill, she was able to study them to find out more about the Omiscans.

In the meantime the Sim who examined the talking head statue found out that that statue will indeed unlock the gaseous gate. By using the “Compliment Carvings” interaction they were able to unlock the gate to head further into the temple.

Another blessing was seen in the stream called “Blessing of the Ancients”. This is a 2 day Happy +2 moodlet for Sims.


In the middle of this, a random skeleton came to life and appeared in the temple. They also opened up a random treasure chest and received an artifact, and adventure gear.

They moved on to the next part of the temple where they encountered a fire gate and additional mechanisms they will need to trigger in order to pass the next gate. Gurus decided not to try and bypass this without finding the correct trigger.

While one of the Sims examined mechanisms, the other went ahead and uncovered an artifact on the archaeology table in order to complete part of the new aspiration. At the same time, the other Sim bypassed the temple’s defenses.


At this point a question came in asking if you can sleep in the temple if you bring a tent with for the journey. The answer is yes. It is encouraged if you bring Toddlers and Pets along as it will be very difficult to get through with sims who need more care. There is also a pee bush outside the temple that Sims can use if they need to relieve their bladder.

Gurus then touched up again on the artifacts, stating that they have different quality levels depending on a Sim’s archaeology skill. Sims who have a higher archaeology skill will usually be more delicate when trying to uncover artifacts, whereas lower skilled sims might rush through and break or damage the artifact. This results in different quality levels.

Another question came in asking about harvestables you can collect in the game. These are the harvestables that were mentioned during the stream.



Black Beans

Tree of Emotions – This tree swirls with mysterious energy. The fruit from this tree is purported to trigger a range of emotional responses from the Sims who eat them.

The following berries can be harvested from this tree:

Vimberries  – These berries will get a Sim moving! Full of vim and vigor, nothing else gets you energized so quickly. And they’re delicious to boot! A win-win!

Merry Berries – Happy little berries make for a happy little Sim. Just pop one in your mouth and try not to smile. I dare you.


Flutterberries – Be very careful around these berries. They will set your heart aflutter and can cause immediate flirtiness. Be aware of nearby Sims when consuming this fruit.

 Museberries – Writer’s block? Struggling to solidify that spark of a great idea? Fear not, because around this fruit you’re a bite away from a mouthful of inspiration.

Razzleberries – These yummy berries are squishy and juicy. One taste will remind Sims of their childhood and cause playful tendencies.


Gutsberries – These berries instill a sense of confidence in a Sim. Eat a bunch and you’ll get the guts for the most dangerous social maneuvers.

Cereberries – A quick handful of these berries will focus a Sim like a laser beam! Great for snacking during homework or when you just want to be able to concentrate.

They proceeded to have a Sim harvest and eat a Museberry, and the Sim received a 4 hour Inspired +3 moodlet from it.


They mentioned that one of the plate mechanisms in the temple will require Sims to be in a specific state of emotion in order to use it. This means that harvesting and having these emotion berries on hand will help Sims who journey into the jungle. All harvestables can be taken home and planted.

They clarified the name of the ancient “Omisca” Sims (OmisKa), and stated that the current society living in the world are Selvadoradians.

The proceeded to head into the next part of the temple. The Sims once again go through the different interactions of examining and testing ways to open the next gate. In this part of the temple, the Sim opened a nearby treasure chest and a notification popped up letting her know that she has ow completed the temple exploration. She received some simoleons from the treasure chest, a mystical relic, and some adventure gear.


Now that this temple exploration has ended, the game will encourage Sims to look around and make sure to check every inch of the temple for treasures and relics. Once the Sims have left their vacation/visit, the temple will then reset.

The Sim was also gifted an Omiscan Treasure, which is part of a a new collection in the game. There are 13 treasures in total to find in order to complete the collection.


Gurus went on to answer a question regarding death in the temple. They did explain how lucky they were to have very few dangers in their experience on the stream, however, be careful as you play because Sims can die, be poisoned, and experience other dangers.


Since everything went to great in the stream, they went over to one of the talking heads and insulted him. The head then scared the Sim who then peed her pants.

Another negative interaction was attempted but it resulted in the Sim gaining Charisma skill. Different skills will help Sims determine which triggers will open a gate.

The ended this part of the stream talking about the world map and some of the different areas you can load and which you can’t. See more info on that here.



Build/Buy Overview

The Gurus moved on to Build and buy mode to show off the objects coming with the game.










Create-a-Sim Overview

The Gurus moved on to Create-a-Sim to show off the new assets coming with the game. They showed off most of the adult stuff in the last stream (see here), but they did show off some of the new child, toddler, and adult male assets.


Last but not least, they showed off the two new radio stations in the game.