How to Complete the Spring Egg Hunt Quest in The Sims Mobile

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There’s a new quest in The Sims Mobile! The Spring Egg Hunt Quest is now available for a limited time, giving players 7 days to complete the necessary steps that will reward them with 5 decorative Eggs and the interactive “Bun Bun the Bunny” item.

To begin this quest, select the “Quests” tab on the right side of your screen. If you do not see the Limited Edition Spring Egg Hunt Quest, restart your game. It is required you have the latest game update in order to complete this quest.

The Spring Egg Hunt is marked with a golden “Limited Time” banner

To complete the Spring Egg Hunt, you will be required to complete 14 individual quests in the game. You will receive the decorative eggs along the way, and be rewarded with Bun Bun the Bunny once you complete the final quest. Below is the list of quests (in the order they appear) that you need to complete, along with rewards and requirements.


Tips and Misc Info

  • Quest related interactions will bring up a blue colored option in the right panel
  • The “Sim Tickets” quest can be completed by earning or purchasing tickets
  • The “Simoleons” quest can be completed by earning or purchasing Simoleons
  • Vanities can be purchased in the bathrooms section
  • Be sure to have at least 6 stickers available to complete both quests
  • Decorated Eggs can break, so have some spare Simoleons for repairs


Decorative Eggs and Bun Bun the Bunny

The 5 decorative eggs will be rewarded when you complete the 3rd, 5th, 7th, 9th, and 12th quests. These items will appear in your Sim’s inventory and you can place them anywhere on your lot. The only available interaction is “Admire”.

Bun Bun the Bunny is rewarded with the 14th and final quest. This item will also be found in a Sim’s inventory. This item has several interactions attached to it regardless of age.