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In recent months, the San Myshuno Police Department has been busy investigating a series of apartment burglaries. On a recent press release, the department claimed that they have arrested the perpetrator and locked behind bars. However, they are unwilling to disclose the identity of the sim and states that it is classified information.

Many apartment renters have reported that their furniture was gone. In the next few days, the incidents were brought to wider public attention after citizens realized that this is a city-wide heist—even tightly secured condominiums in the Uptown district were also affected. In the reports, chairs and small home appliances are among others the most stolen properties. Lacey Stiles, a resident of the Spice Market, told the SMT that things in her apartment have disappeared multiple times. “One time I went to my neighbors’ next door for a welcome wagon and kaboom, my couches were gone when I came home,” she says. “And another time many things on my kitchen counter were stolen after I left for a party.”

Stiles was not pleased about the burglaries as her professional knife set was stolen as well. (FILE IMAGE)

Serial Burglar

The authorities did not treat these incidents lightly. A few days after the first round of reports, the SMPD assembled a task force to investigate these line of burglaries. According to an anonymous source, the culprit was never caught on any security camera. Therefore, it is improbable to know how the police identified the suspect unless they release the investigation files to the public.

However, the department rejected to do so on the grounds of “security reason.” “I’m sorry, but we will not make any classified material public,” says John Novak, the chief of SMPD. “What do you mean why? I can’t tell you the reason that makes the classified files classified, it’s classified info.”

SMPD chief, John Novak, holding a press conference addressing the recent “home-raider” events. (SAN MYSHUNO POLICE DEPT.)

The department is hoping that the news of the “apartment-raider” being apprehended will put sims’ living in San Myshuno at ease. “The city should sleep better now knowing that the apartment-raider is behind bars,” Novak adds.


But the city might need more time to regain composure than he expected. “I won’t believe those cops until my friend Anaya says so; she always knows the truth about everything,” says Stiles.

Conspiracy Claim

On the other hand, some sims believe that there was something more sinister behind the burglaries. When asked about his opinions, Fashion District resident Chad LeBouf claimed that it was all a government conspiracy, “(Do) you know the latest pet creature Bubalus? Its creation was sponsored by the government.”

Once a fictional being in Voidcritters—a famous cartoon show, Bubalus is now the latest rodent-like pet for sims to keep. Using genetic engineering, the Landgraab Industries took the body of a Hippopotamus, the color and spiral shape of a Violet Sea Snail, and the fur, size, and disposition of a Hamster to create this new type of animal. Though kept as a top secret, a leaked LI document shows that the development of the creature lasted for around 9 years to finally yield a fruitful result.

A Bubalus seen in a cage. (AUDRINA VENTURA)

According to LeBouf, the government gave the Landgraab Industries approximately 1.6 million simoleons for the project. He insists that the SimNation government must have sent secret operatives out stealing sims’ furniture in order to make up the 9 years of investment loss. Which is why everything got sealed, “I bet the San Myshuno police doesn’t know the truth either.”

Chad LeBouf telling the our journalist about his theory of the government’s involvement in the burglaries. (FILE IMAGE)

However, the SMT could not find any record indicating government’s involvement in the project. The SimNation Annual Budget Report shows that most of the governmental initiatives’ budget this year went to the E&A—as they have conducted two major expeditions. It appears that LeBouf’s claim remains a conspiracy, and we still do not know who is responsible for all these mayhem.

“As long as nothing’s gonna get stolen; that’s the most important thing, right?” Says Stiles.