The Sims 4: Love the Weird (A Poem)

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Waking up on the right side of the bed,

and never on the left because that side is against the wall,

another Sim starts another day,

working long hours for what feels like minutes,

and taking showers for what feels like hours.


But between work and sleep,

and between those random pauses of staring into space,

there’s charm.

Layers of charm.



There’s something quite distinctive

about a clown that likes to rummage through the trash,

or a Sim getting “probed” by unearthly… things.

It’s quite, well, out of this world,

like when a Sim woohoos with their co-worker… IN SPACE.

There’s just something special

and oh-so weird

about Sims and their quite literal sculpted personalities

(and faces).


Even their speech,

it has a bit of character to it.

Their Simlish is something unique,

like how a simple sawoka jenoppa can get any Sim in a flirty mood.

And to that, I say dag dag.

My Sim shall not sawoka any jenoppa.

She is too busy trying to be a used dishwasher saleswoman.


And what about those cowplants?

No, seriously… what?!

Who thought of that?!

Are cows now a vegetable?

Are they vegan?

Are the cakes in their mouths vegan, too?

Why do they eat people?

Are cowplants no longer vegan after they eat people?


Cowplants are weird,

and that’s why they’re so iconic.


All in all, the Sims are goofy,

like how they never pay for insurance,

even after multiple hot dog fires.

Deadly hot dog fires.


But they never seem to be phased by their zany world,

so they never bat an eye.

“Oh, an alien spaceship is outside?”

“Let’s all go outside and stare at the light.”

“If one of us gets abducted, oh well.”

“Let’s just hope dad doesn’t get pregnant again.”


And that’s what makes The Sims 4 so special.

Sure, your Sim can still work a nine to five,

and come home to pursue their passion for art.

That’s all fine and dandy,

but it’s also pretty cool

that my Sim can just sleep in a neighbor’s bush,

or wear a giant hamster costume to a wedding,

because why not?


Sims are weird.

But so are we.


Love the weird.