Community Blog: Have Some Foodie Fun in The Sims 4 on Consoles

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The Sims team has released a Foodie Blog for The Sims 4 on Console

Now that you’re getting the hang of The Sims 4 on console, we’d like to give you a deeper dive into the most stomach-rumbling trait a Sim can possess: Foodie. The dictionary defines this term as a person with a particular interest in food; a gourmet, if you will. The same goes for any Sim you create with the Foodie trait. These sophisticated Sims have a more discerning taste than others, so meals they eat could result in different moodlets. Sometimes, foodies are labeled as picky or hard to please, but who are we to judge? We all gotta eat, so your food might as well be delicious! Let’s find out some ways your Sims can enhance this epicurean trait and what can make them uncomfortable, or even grossed out.

*You Are What You Eat*

Mac ‘n’ cheese? Meh. Garden Salad? Yawn. Foodie Sims will feel okay after a meal like this. But why be okay when you can be wowed? Eating high-quality foods and drinks will likely result in happy moodlets. Blackened sea bass or chicken stir-fry should do the trick, but you’ll need to have a higher level of the trait to make these. Try researching cooking techniques on the computer to begin leveling up.



*Sour Stomach*

Foodie Sims get an uncomfortable moodlet after eating or drinking poor-quality choices. Especially when they eat spoiled food. Yuck! That camping trip might sound fun to some Sims, but your foodie Sim won’t appreciate canned franks and beans. They’ll be demanding a fancy camper’s stew faster than you can say . . . camper’s stew.


*Chop it Up*

Being a foodie isn’t all about the meal. Just like a fancy food pairing, having the Foodie trait goes well with the Chef or Mixology career, so keep that in mind when picking their personality. Your Sim can become inspired faster by discussing fine cuisine, favorite recipes, and mixology with other Sims. And look out for Sims inspired to cook. They’ll want to head straight to the kitchen to practice their skills. They’re also more likely to flip on cooking shows when hanging out at home.

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