The Sims 4 on Xbox & PlayStation 4: New Game Patch (May 17th, 2018)

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There’s a Sims 4 update available for players on Xbox One and PlayStation 4. To check out all patch notes and updates for The Sims 4 on console, be sure to bookmark our console patch archives.

Update: 05/17/2018 – v1.06
As we approach the half way point of 2018, we bring you an update which addresses some of the feedback and reports we have been getting. We didn’t stop there either, we spent some time Spring cleaning to help get things in order.


What’s New?

When you are picking where you want to travel to and live, navigating the neighborhood could be a little fiddly on the Manage World screen. We have added the ability to switch to the virtual cursor on the Manage World screen which means you can pick where you want to go or live with extra precision.

Since the last time we spoke, we also spent more time looking for those pesky invisible UI elements which you can find yourself in and have stopped them playing mind games with you. A usable UI should be a visible UI.

General Issues

  • Sims like to hoard things in their inventory, some might say that they have stacks of belongings. Those stacks could be better used by being sold off to earn some extra money. While you could do this one at a time, that meant it took longer to get paid. Now, stacks of items can be sold from the inventory just as easily as it’d be to sell a single item.
  • Sometimes the Main Menu would suggest you didn’t have Grim’s Ghoulish Guitar when you had linked your account. We told Grim he couldn’t have his guitar back and that it belonged to you now. The Main Menu should now correctly reflect whether you linked your accounts and whether you have the Grim’s Ghoulish Guitar.
  • While we are talking about it, the way you claim Grim’s Ghoulish Guitar no longer tells you to sign up for a newsletter, instead you simply link to your EA Account and the guitar will be all yours.
  • Parties are better when you have a group of friends. Now, when your friends come over, you can complete some group party objectives.
  • Opening the Options Menu while the Pie Menu is open won’t cause you to become stuck on the Pie Menu. Although there are worse things to be stuck with than pie. Mmmm… pie!
  • When your Sims age up, you’ll no longer get stuck in the Sims info panel if you happen to select traits in the Aged Up! panel.
  • How many beds does your Lot have? H! Doesn’t make sense, right? Now we only allow numbers to be entered when adding details to your lot info panel for number of beds and baths you have.
  • Changing the category of a styled outfit will no longer make your Sim wear the first outfit. Instead you can style them to whatever outfit looks the best.
  • Getting access to new packs is something to celebrate. That celebration should be brief and not something that continues into CAS. Celebrations are short and to the point to keep that hype buzz feeling going.
  • Using the eyedropper while building caused performance issues, this has been improved. So, go crazy copying those patterns and decorating all your rooms with the same wallpaper. Unless you have style then don’t decorate like that… Please!


Get to Work

  • Sometimes your Sim looks so good that they feel the urge to take a selfie. Now they can snap away without you needing to worry about temporarily losing control. Although if your Sim looks directly at the flash, we can’t guarantee they won’t see floating lights for a while.
  • Mirrors should be for checking out that your tie is straight or to find out why everyone keeps staring at you, what they shouldn’t do is flash blue. Now they won’t, leaving your Sims to admire themselves for as long as they like.
  • Making your employees look good needs them to have a professional looking uniform and that decision can be tough. What isn’t tough anymore is that the controls for the sort dropdown won’t go off screen now.
  • Aliens might have the technology to fly across the vastness of space but what they weren’t meant to have is the ability to prevent you changing their appearance, so we took that ability off them and now you control what your Alien Sims look like.



  • Vampires appreciate being listened to, so we made sure you can now scroll through the full welcome text with Vampires.
  • When you have the Dark Form of a female Vampire in CAS, you probably don’t want to annoy her by selecting the personality panel and causing issues. We didn’t want to get on her dark side so now the personality panel will no longer cause problems.


Dine Out

  • When you take pictures of your delicious food, you intend everyone you show your picture to, to be amazed by the fact you took the time to take the picture of your food going cold. What you don’t expect is for people to mock and comment on the fact your picture is under exposed. Now, prints of Food Eaten will show in full color quality, nicely exposed and with a perfect composition.


City Living

  • Everyone likes to Dream Big in the city. What they don’t necessarily like is having actions interrupted by those dreams, so we told the Sims to Dream Big on their own time or at least not let it interrupt what you want them to do.
  • While the San Myshuno’s “Stargazer” Lounge is very glitzy, it shouldn’t cause your Manage World view to flash so we asked Stargazer to tone back the pizazz.
  • Living in a city can feel crowded at times, which isn’t helped when the Lot highlight for 21 Chic Street Apartments and Culpepper Apartments adds to the confusion of where you live. The correct Lots are highlighted now making it easier to know where you are going.


Xbox One only

  • We continued to go through all the dig sites we could to find out where the Sims were hiding those hard-earned Achievements that didn’t unlock fully.
    • To complete the unlock process simply load the Save Game you earned your Achievement(s) in and everything you earned will unlock.
    • You may need to load multiple Save Games if you earned Achievements across different saves.

We continued to take updates from the PC and Mac version of The Sims 4, which may not be covered in these notes, and brought them across to console. Now while we roll up our sleeves, use a large amount of elbow grease and continue with the spit and polish, you should go and enjoy yourselves.