The Sims 4: Updated Height Slider Mod Now Available

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Modders are back at it again! Luumiasims, who released the custom sliders set, has just released a Height Slider Mod! This mod comes with caveats and disclaimers, but looks to be a great addition to the game overall. Download the mod now!

Height Slider

I found it difficult to keep up with the many different (broken and non-broken) height sliders for Sims out there, so I decided to simplify it and make it available in CAS!


The height slider is based off of simmythsims’ original Tall/Short slider, with a few tweaks. Sims’ midriff, head, hands, and feet now scale proportionately to the size of the body. This slider can be used by dragging the neck up and down from the front of the Sim.


Four different height body presets, Short, Medium Short, Medium Tall, and Tall, are also available, in case you don’t want to manually adjust the height yourself.  Thumbnails for body presets are broken at this time so the presets will show up without a thumbnail. Just click through them to see which one is which.

The slider and preset are Teen and older only, as kids and tots have awful distortion when trying to adjust height.