The Sims 4: Could You Afford a Home in Willow Creek?

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Are you tired of your current living arrangement? Do you find yourself envious of the beautiful neighborhoods your sims live in? Well you’ve come to the right place, because we have the perfect real estate for you!

L&C Mortgages released an article giving an in-depth analysis of what property values in video games such as SkyrimThe Legend of Zelda: Breath of the WildGrand Theft Auto, and The Sims 4 would cost in the real world!


The article talks about how to buy a house in the Sims 4 world Willow Creek. Taking into consideration the size of each lot, the traits the lots have, and the overall construction of the houses that are on those lots, L&C Mortgages has determined what the costs of these properties would be in British pounds, US dollars, euros, yen, and Australian dollars.

According to their conversion chat, one simoleon (§1) is equal to £0.94147, or $1.35. So it looks like inflation rates aren’t too bad in this area! If you’re looking to make an investment on some land, but are also an avid simmer, you might want to take a look at some of these prices! But just like the real world, these lots ain’t cheap!

If you’re tight on money and are just looking for a simple starter home, you can get a simple 30×20 lot at either Bargain Bend or Potters Splay for no more than §2,500, which is the equivalent of $1,883. Not to shabby. Just be sure you have a high enough handiness skill if you choose to live in one of these places…toilets tend to break like no tomorrow!


Now, if you want more of a high class living situation, you can live the good life just like the Landgraabs and the Goths by purchasing the Oakenstead property for §261,153, which is equivalent to a whopping $245,868! This is a property that most might not be able to afford, so unless the motherlode cheat works in real life, most of us are going to have to settle for something a little more humble.

But even though we can’t actually move into the Willow Creek suburbia, it’s a lot of fun looking at real-life prices for properties from games that we all know and love. So while we might not be able to become neighbors with the iconic Pancakes family, or invite Don Lothario over for a Winterfest dinner, we can still do some window shopping to see what it would cost to live among them!