The Sims 4: “Snoot Heights” Concept Art

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Whit Brachna, Concept and Illustration Artist, released some new concept art a few months ago, showing off a world from The Sims 4. The image is titled “Snoot Heights”, giving the impression that the world would be full of snooty Sims. The Sim seen in front of the home is from previous Sims 4 concept art released years ago.

This world also features content never before seen in The Sims 4, including a beach, an ice cream truck, a Sim driven lawn mower, some cars parked on the road, a tricycle, and other small details like a soccer ball. Is this a concept piece for an existing world? Or a teaser for a world that has yet to make its way to the game?


Hat Tip: Sammy and PattonPlays