Community Spotlight: SimsAFire (Create-a-Sim Artist)

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Here to kick off our October Community Spotlight is Create-a-Sim Artist, SimsAFire! In a brief introduction below, Rina gives readers a chance to learn a bit more about what she does in the community. Take it away Rina!

Untitl12124124ed I’m Rina, an artist in real life from the USA who got hooked on sims thanks to my sister Sky. I paint for the love of art so when I discovered the paint tool that came with the cats and dogs expansion pack I found a new canvas in which to create a whole new world of digital art!


All of my digital pet art is cc free and I only use my desktop mouse to paint with the Maxis paint tool…not a tablet as many believe. 😊 I am overjoyed with how the community has reacted to my art on pets and I get so many comments of how much they enjoy my work.

I am astounded at how many tell me how I have inspired them, after all that is the true meaning of being an artist, it’s not how much praise I receive, it’s how much I can inspire others! I hope that all of you will be entertained on your tour of the digital pet art I have so lovingly created for all of you to enjoy! Thank you so much to Alexis, for giving me the opportunity to introduce myself in this month’s Community Spotlight!

Here are some of the social media links you can find me on:

Sims 4 Gallery: