Composer Jerry Martin Releases a Sims Online Music Track

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Jerry Martin, Lead Composer for The Sims, has been releasing various music tracks since September 2018, and today he released a track made for The Sim Online. The track titled “TsoMap4” combines acoustic and electronic sounds. Check it out!

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This is Jerry Martin, music composer from The Sims and SimCity. I found this tune loitering around my hard drive and I thought I’d share it with you.


It was done for the game “The Sims Online” which was kind of a flop for Sims standards but I still did some cool music for it.

When I wrote it I was obsessed with the idea of combining very acoustic and very electronic sounds. It’s called “TsoMap4”  It’s kind of weird because the instrumentation is totally stark but I kind of like it. Here’s the download link: