Community Spotlight: MeaganJo (Builder)

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Here to kick off our February Community Spotlight is talented builder, MeaganJo! In a brief introduction below, Meagan gives readers a chance to learn a bit more about her work in the community. Take it away Meagan!

Untitl12124124ed Sul Sul to all poking their heads in! My name is MeaganJo in game and real life. I live in Washington State and I love to create and share homes for The Sims 4.

Just a little tidbit about my personal life: I’m married to my very best friend whom fully supports my love for The Sims. I’m a mother to 2 adult daughters and an almost teenage son. My daughters have provided me with 4 beautiful and amazing grandchildren, one of which I take care of 5 days a week while his mom works full time. I’m also the mama to 2 precious fur babies, Chico Rico Suave and Tinker Stinker Bell, and 3 hens chock full of personality. If you ever want to make my day send me pictures of yours (or someone else’s) chickens over on Twitter because I just adore their quirky nature.


My Simming beginnings: I was introduced to The Sims when a friend had given me a disk way back in 2001 called Hot Date. She figured it was something I might be interested in and boy, was she right on the nose! I think from the very first day of playing the game, I was hooked for life. My years playing The Sims 1 and 2 were mainly game play but sometime during my Sims 2 life, I discovered the delightful world of Custom Content and would spend hours trying to find the perfect decor for the houses I downloaded and would then redecorate in the style I was into at the time.

When The Sims 3 came along, I decided I wanted to learn how to create my own houses. I started scouring the web for Sims 3 building tutorials and came upon this really cool tutorial on how to create an underground house. I followed that tutorial step-by-step and uploaded my very first build to my MyPage studio. It’s still in there to this day just to remind me of how I started and I still look back on that build with great fondness. After a while, I started tearing apart some of my favorite builder’s builds to help with my learning process. I loved learning how other creators did what they did and still do. During that time period I even cut the cord to using CC in my game. I know … the horror, lol. How many of you just cringed at the thought?

With The Sims 4, I was a bit of a late bloomer because I loved building in The Sims 3. However, once I truly gave TS4 a real chance, I was able to embrace it fully and learn an entirely new way of building while also learning nifty little tricks from other creators and even discovering some of my very own. I’ve also tried my hand at making stop motion speed build videos and hope to start them up again when I have more time.


When it comes to building, I MUST be inspired! Whether it’s something seen on a home during one of our many weekend drives; a build challenge that calls out to me; a picture from the web that ignites my need to create; perhaps a set of blueprints or just something that I have playing in my head just begging to get made.

I pull inspirations from all around me. For example, the current build I’m working on began with a simple picture that piqued my interest and the idea grew from there into a nice little house. However, the “nice little house” didn’t last for very long because further research (and more pictures! Many more pictures!) revealed this house to be part of a designer’s blog which included all the research they had done to create this amazing house and grounds. Needless to say, my once “cute little house inspired by a picture on the internet” has transitioned into a continually growing build that slides back & forth between following the original blueprints to my own design choices. It’s turning into quite the dance AND I wouldn’t have it any other way!

I absolutely love the Simming community and I’ve been blessed with some very close friends from around the world over the years due to our mutual love of an amazing game. Thank you to all my followers and supporters over the years, you guys have been amazing for all of your encouragement!


I would like to say a special thank you to Alexis here at SimsVIP for inviting me to take part in your awesome Community Spotlight. It was a complete surprise and I’m honored to get such an invite. Thank you again, SimsVIP for this awesome invitation!

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