Community Blog: Lunar New Year Content Releasing Today

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The Sims team has released a community blog on today’s Sims 4 Game Patch

Greetings, Simmers! Today marks the beginning of the Lunar New Year festivities and we want to celebrate with your Sims. Patch your game and gather your Sim’s loved ones for a very special get-together. With this update, you’ll get:

  • Stylish outfits for adults and kids
  • A lovely kumquat tree
  • A traditional place setting for a family feast
  • An orange centerpiece
  • Delicious dumplings and Mud Carp
  • Red envelopes
  • Home decorations


  1. I love how anything besides American ‘culture’ (seriously its not culture its an abomination of childhood type 2 diabetes, obesity, and cheeseburgers and music about dating your cousin) never gets any real love. This is only a small portion of something Asian. We still don’t have much of South America, African, or Asian in the game outside of a few recipes and clothing. Jungle Adventure was a pitiful attempt to add culture to the game as in the end it was just wait for several days to get the gear you need while renting a villa to go and steal….I mean ‘raid’ a single temple over and over again. We didn’t get much in the way of learning about South American culture. Just a few foods, a new dance animation that looks unfinished like the vampire walk style, and some clothing. Yet thanks to Seasons we get to celebrate Chris-I mean Happy Holidays please don’t sue me, Halloween, Valentines Day, 4th of July, East-I mean Egg Day please don’t sue me, and more. All American (and EU) holidays for the most part. There still is no support for Day of the Dead even though that was a timed event back in the day showcasing they’re not about representing different cultures but solely about Americans and American baloney

    • I don’t mind that american culture takes priority — this is an american game after all. I think that the stuff in it is pretty diverse already, and there’s always cc if you want more.

      I’d rather them focus on adding things that all sims can equally partake in instead of specializing so much. getting something small every so often that highlights a particular culture is nice, but not vital to the game.

      • agree with dream. This is an USA made game and that is where the roots are!
        Why not have USA stuff ALL FOR IT! We are the United States of America! All other cultures are asimulated into ours once they move here.
        Liked the selection of stuf you did
        AE its nice THANKS !

      • I also think it’s fine if American culture takes priority because this is an American game, but I think what Murp was trying to express is that the amount of what we got in a pack like Jungle Adventure was so underwhelming that it can be disheartening to Simmers from other continents, especially because we all pay so much money for these packs.

        To your point about them adding things we can all equally partake in, I agree with that also and I do appreciate EA trying to be more inclusive, but this game still just feels half-finished. I know they talk about how much work they put into these packs and I believe that, and I appreciate the free content, but as a consumer I just can’t in good faith recommend this game to anyone. It is overall extremely underdeveloped.

    • I’ve been pushing for more Asian content since Sims 3, when they had the threads of what sort of pack you would like. Most people on those threads wanted farming and supernatural, which is sad. I wish more people would push for it and that they would be, as one would say, “more culturally aware”. If they added more proper cultural aspects, not just Western Europe and North America, into the game, more people would probably buy it. The Asian, Africa and Central/South American community must feel so left out because of this, they’ll feel like the creator of the sims don’t care about them whatso ever at all.

    • I thought they did a pretty good job with Shang Simla back in TS3 days; the tombs were beautifully eerie, the martial art skill and animations were well done, and the objects and clothes were lovely. TS2 had a tea ceremony as well (which I wish they would bring back). The main downside to the Shang Simla world was that your sims couldn’t actually live there, but it certainly looked really good and felt like a different culture from the main Sims worlds. Frankly, I would love to see any or all of these elements again, but you can’t really expect the same level of depth and detail in a FREE patch.

    • The original Sims was a highly stilted caricature of white protestant suburban middle class domestic US capitalism circa 2000 AD, much as Homer Simpson was a decade earlier. There were attempts to weld on various other cultural bits and pieces, with wildly varying success and offensiveness. Most of the time however, it was just putting Homer in that Rastafarian hat oblivious to the irony. With TS3, and 4, most of the 20th century capitalism that was so central to the game was obliterated, just as scarcity based economics was dying in the real world. While the 16 Tons gameplay is gone, what is ultimately being simulated is still very much the same.

      Actual cultural expansions are a really awesome idea, but making them not be Rasta Homer would require redesigning the game in the most fundamental way possible. I absolutely believe Grant & Pals are eminently qualified to accomplish such a monumental task, they are truly the best asbestos we deserve. An expansion re-visioning the Sims from an actual Soviet perspective could be epic, Ushanka’s and hammer’n’sickle flag T shirts would be beyond lame.

      One thing I’ve found extremely troubling lately is the subtle, probably unconscious drift with contemporary US values. Keeping out the hard C words was never a real possibility for a US company, but I noticed we now have menorahs and kinaras too, while witches and magic are strangely absent and never directly acknowledged. Traditionally, the sims teams tried to maintain some level of unreality by dealing with such things indirectly. Maybe it’s just the quality development team we have today giving us all the content we request and maintaining the standards we expect from our Sims franchise, but something has been nudging me toward a cold corporate calculus of increasingly conservative domestic US values among the target demographic.

      And of course, as this is an “Asian” content release in February, there’s always the fun issue of how exactly a US corporation explains say girichoco to their tweenage princess customers. I’d almost pay just to see Kate try to tackle that.

      Bella in a cheongsam isn’t Chinese Sims 4, it’s Bella in a cheongsam.

    • Not really.. Christmas, Easter and Valentines predate the United States. The first two are Christian holidays celebrated in most of the world. Halloween maybe has roots in the States but again it’s celebrated the world over. I’d personally say Day of the Dead doesn’t deserve the exposure it gets it many games, as it’s a holiday almost solely confined to one small country that isn’t really part of the gaming community. Also I haven’t seen July 4th in the sims.. if it’s there then sure you have a point on that one.