The Sims 4: “Sims Theam” Madness (Round 1)

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GrimSuruDoi has posted a Sims version of “March Madness” on the official forums, asking players to vote for their favorite “theam”. Head over to this link to cast your first vote, and click here to get details of each “theam”.

As a designer on the Sims 4 team, I really like to set up fun things for people on the team to participate in. The past few years, I’ve created March Madness brackets within the office so we can have fun voting for the “best” something – we’ve done top-rated movies (Empire Strikes Back), Disney songs (A Whole New World), and TV show theme songs (Fresh Prince of Bel-Air) – and this inspired us to try to do something with our lovely players and community this year!


With that, I’m excited to present a bracket of pack themes reimagined as teams (or, as Lyndsay charmingly portmanteaued – Theams). I hope that you’ll join me over the next few weeks in voting for the Best Sims Theam! We’ll post a new round of voting every 2 days or so. 32 will enter, 1 will win!

I should be clear that this isn’t like the community-voted SP; we are not here to pick the next pack the team will make. Some of these themes we’ve tackled for multiple Sims games. Some we’ve explored only a bit. Some are ideas we’ve bounced around but never officially made. All of them are excited Theams vying for the love of the community. As a fellow fan of the Sims, I’m excited to see how it all shakes out, and also jazzed that we all get to do this together.

P.S. I suppose if you’re a big fan of brackets and March Madness and think you know what’s going to happen, you could print out a bracket for yourself and fill it in before the voting and see how your predictions line up with the results!


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