Inspiration Corner: Creating Better Gardens in The Sims 4

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In life, it’s what’s on the inside that counts. When it comes to home lots in The Sims 4 though, gardens could be just as important as any indoor room. They’re the first thing we see when we look at a new house, whether it’s in the neighborhood or on the catalog. Depending on how you play, gardens can also have a powerful effect on your game.

A well decorated exterior can give your sims a positive moodlet that can help them with a new skill (whether they’re inspired, focused or energized), and that doesn’t happen only when your sim has the “loves outdoors” trait. Ever since The Sims 4 Seasons came out, I find my sims using gardens and backyards even more often, enjoying all seasonal activities or a much deserved sunlight session after a long Winter.

On the other hand, gardens can be expensive to build. In fact, one of the milestones for the Mansion Baron aspiration track is spending 5k simoleons on landscaping. But the more I play, the more I realize my recently created sims with low level jobs can already make the most of the outdoors in their humble homes.

So here’s a small list with ideas for your next build. Make sure you leave a comment below sharing your experience with gardens!

Using Collectibles!

From Willow Creek to Strangerville, livable worlds usually have places for you to find collectibles like fossils and crystals. These can be arranged with flowers, bushes and rocks for more personality and color. They can also be studied to give your sims a focused moodlet that can be used to raise a few skills faster. Which brings me to our next topic…


Gardens are for Gardening!

It took me a while to figure out how to present this the right way. The thing is that I don’t always want my sims to have proper harvestable gardens, but a few of them (especially the foodies) could have a few herbs or even berries right outside the kitchen to use for cooking. What I have been doing is mixing harvestables (flowers included) with regular plants from the catalog. This gives gardens a very organic look. 



Volume is the Trick!

Many of the cheap plants we get in the catalog take up a lot of space, which is good when you can’t afford much. So a combination of those voluminous shrubs + cheap decor + a few objects your sims can use won’t let a cheap garden look weird or sparse.


Interaction is key!

Maybe you have noticed this by now, but all these screenshots show items sims can use in their gardens, from benches to bird feeders. That is because the only thing better than having a garden that looks good, is a garden that can actually be used. Again, it gives a more organic feel to the area and reasons for your sims to be outside.


Water is Life!

Fountains are great at giving your garden an undeniable luxurious look. You can use the fountain design tool or have one of the statue-like ones. The effect is the same. The pond from Get Famous makes everything even more over the top, so that’s a good option if you want the exterior of your home to scream “yes, we have more money than we need”. Jokes aside, the pond looks great and water usually gives a soothing effect to any room.



Bonus Tip: Potted plants!

I don’t see many people doing this, but potted plants actually look really good on the ground beside all the regular garden plants. That’s a good excuse to have more design, color, and texture to the outside of your homes.