Inspiration Corner: Home Sweet Home Office

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Oh the joy of working from home! Not having to shave or care about your appearance, no forced socialization and being able to work in pajamas. What else could one ask for?

Now that The Sims 4 has freelance careers (hooray!), it seems like the right time for an Inspiration Corner on home offices. Having an ideal work space at home is a necessity, whether your sims freelance, have one of those City Living jobs or are self-employed. So here are a few ideas for your builds to accommodate your sims work needs even better!

Any space can be an office space

Your sims can use the laptop on the kitchen table, but there’s usually a better option around the house or apartment even if you can’t afford to have a whole room designated for the purpose of working. You can fit a one tile desk under the stairs, the corner of a room or hallway, and that does the trick for a until your sims can afford an upgrade.

Organized & Practical

Your sim may be working in their underwear (or even less!), but they still need some order and the right resources to get the job done. Storage space is fundamental for files, folders or even books, whether in the form of file cabinets or drawers and shelves. Even if these things are not always useful in terms of gameplay, it’s nice to think our sims have everything they need at hand.

Messy means creative

When a creative mind is busy working, it likely won’t stop to notice its surroundings. So don’t expect sims to be tidying up their workspace that often. What I mean is, you know the stories you wanna tell and the sims you’re playing, so sometimes an organized room with scattered furniture just won’t do. Also if the saying “a messy desk means a creative mind”, I might be the most creative person on Earth.


Get rid of bad distractions

But maybe your sims are the opposite and they can only really focus if they’re somewhere quiet and clean. If that’s the case, go for a cozy-but-not-that-much feel, relying on fewer colors, shapes and materials so nothing will distract them.

Embrace good distractions

On the other hand though, working from home is more enjoyable when you can alternate tasks, or even multitask. These are good distractions because they increase your mood and productivity. Having pets around, plants, good decor, some music, or even wind chimes will surely give your sims a better work day.

Bonus: Remember half walls!

A couple months ago, when writing another Inspiration Corner, I presented this idea for half walls creating good spaces for home offices. Now it’s time to put this piece of inspiration to action and make your freelance sims’ lives (and homes) better!