Community Blog: The Sims 4 Realm of Magic is Almost Here

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The Sims team has released a community blog for The Sims 4 Realm of Magic

Simmers, something magical is brewing. It’s The Sims 4: Realm of Magic*, of course! This is an in-depth pack that will challenge Spellcasters of all kinds, and finding the portal is just the beginning.

Okay, So What’s a Spellcaster?

With this pack, your Sim can be anointed a Spellcaster in different ways. More on that at a later date! Once a Spellcaster, Sims can practice and learn magic, experiment with potion-making, and fly from place to place on a magic broom! And that’s just the beginning.


Sages’ Teachings

Let’s back up a little and chat about Sages. Sages are very important in The Magic Realm. There is one sage for each house and they each hold the keys to your Sim learning different kinds of magic. Chat with all three and even become friends with these masters of sorcery. They can teach your Sim magic, school them on Spells, and join them in a friendly duel. Sims can also learn new Spells and potion recipes from reading Magical Tomes or by Practicing Magic.

Schools of Magic

Speaking of different houses, what are they, anyway? There’s a different kind of magic to learn for any Sim’s personality. Or, master them all!

  • Practical Magic
    • Spells learned in this school help Sims with all things helpful and useful. Transportalate teleports Sims to other places without that pesky travel time, Repairo fixes broken objects or makes crafted objects higher quality, and Floralorial keeps plants healthy and bug-free.
  • Untamed Magic
    • Untamed Magic is for Sims who want the wildest Spells in their wheelhouse. Chillio causes a blast of cold air that freezes any Sim it touches, Necrocall summons the dead from their final resting place, and Minionize controls another Sim’s mind!
  • Mischief Magic
    • Does your Sim love tormenting others? Mischief magic is for them! Learn Despario to make Sims sad, Deliriate to scramble a Sim’s thoughts, and Furio to convince Sims to argue and fight with each other. If that’s what you’re into, yay!
  • BONUS: Alchemy
    • It’s not exactly a magic house, but if potion recipes are what your Sim seeks, there are plenty to go around. Once your Sim picks up supplies at Casters Alley, they’ll be on their way to creating some intoxicating concoctions. They’ll also need a cauldron, of which many can be found in The Magic Realm. Or, for some home brewing, purchase a cauldron for your Sim’s house. They can experiment or – obviously – cook mac and cheese with these massive vessels.

The Sorcerous Spellbook
Any time you want to track your Sim’s progress, click on them to open their trusty Spellbook. Every incantation, ritual, and elixir a Spellcaster has learned is recorded here. It’s also pretty freakin’ cool that your Sim will have a Spellbook now.


Scoring Talent Points
As your Sim gains more experience and fulfills aspirations, they’ll also earn Talent Points. Use these Talent Points – wisely, my friends – to choose Spellcaster Perks, which can increase your Sim’s magical prowess. Will your Sim choose a Blender Arm for speedy potion-making or Spectral Reach to cast spells anonymously from long distances? Once their magical powers improve to advanced levels, they can become a Master Duelist or select Potent Potables for lasting potion effects.