Vice News: SimGuruLyndsay Talks 20 Years of The Sims

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Lyndsay Pearson, general manager and executive producer to The Sims 4, sat down with Vice News for a 20th Anniversary Podcast. Listen to the interview below.

Over the past twenty years, The Sims has done its best to keep up with a rapidly changing world, and to be more inclusive in terms of what kind of people you can play as. From the first game’s notorious same-sex kiss at E3 that lead to the game including same-sex romance in 2000 to The Sims 4’s trans-masc icon Morgyn Embers, the franchise has always tried for a maximalist approach to play, including in customizing your character. Gita sat down to interview The Sims 4’s executive producer and general manager, Lyndsay Pearson, and talked all about that, and also about their favorite conspiracy theories regarding the disappeared Bella Goth.