Official Blog: The Sims Celebrates International Woman’s Day

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Maxis has released an official blog and trailer to celebrate International Woman’s Day.

The world of The Sims™ has always encouraged people to play with life on an equal footing—regardless of gender, race, religion, sexuality, or culture. And as we look to honor the 111th International Women’s Day, we want to take a moment to recognize all of the powerful, amazing people who have been courageous enough to demand equality. Thank you to the women of the past and present who put their own dreams on hold so others never have to, and to our players for sharing your stories, pushing for fairness in your own lives, and making the Sims community the greatest in gaming. We owe so much to you.

The Sims takes pride in having delivered equal play since 2000 by being inclusive, forward-thinking, and unafraid to imagine a better world. Female and nonbinary Sims don’t have to worry about whether their paycheck will match that of male Sims. Sims of any color (even alien green) might preside over a board meeting—without feeling they don’t belong there. LGBTQ+ Sims can live in joy together, and Sims can celebrate their culture and spirituality without fearing the repercussions of self-expression. Every Sim enjoys equal pay, equal rights, and equal opportunity to achieve their dreams. All of this enables them to thrive, as long as you allow it, and we look forward to continuing to press forward in this way—in the game and out of it.


Players have created over 834 million female Sims, and just as in the real world, they are multifaceted and multitalented. They are mothers, sisters, daughters, and friends who enjoy woodworking, singing, reading, and beekeeping. Many rule in the workplace as CEOs, executive chefs, chief surgeons, and top athletes, while others choose to stay home and focus on their unique interests. Sims—and players—live however they want to.

There are many reasons The Sims 4 is the number one PC game in the US played by female gamers, but we believe one of the main draws is the inclusivity we’ve built into it. From physical appearance to gender customization, players have the ability to create Sims that reflect who they are or who they want to be without repercussions.

“The Sims is a game that means so many things to so many different people; they’re able to explore true selves, create new selves, and freely discover their own identities in a slightly silly sandbox,” says Chloe Carter, Cinematics Lead on The Sims 4. “The game can help you see other possible ways of being, and that there’s space for you to be you.”


In The Sims, you have the power to play with life. It’s safe to explore and push boundaries, find yourself, or learn how to live among others. We strive to mirror that in the studio, too, as we work on bringing that equality to life.

“Our team on The Sims is filled with incredibly talented and creative minds—many of whom are women, which is rare in this industry—who have always strived to empower all players to write their own stories and express their creativity, both in the game and in real life,” says Lyndsay Pearson, general manager and executive producer. “I’ve been part of The Sims since I started at EA nearly two decades ago, and it’s been a truly life-changing experience to see the game and community diversify and grow into what they are today.”

“As a trans woman, I’ve really been able to find my place here in a way that I wasn’t sure I ever would in this industry,” says Chloe. “The Sims team is so passionate about the games they make, and about the people making them. They reflect that diversity of experience and identity you can find in the game and are always increasingly, and actively, inclusive. After all, everyone has a unique story to tell.” And to tell those stories, we depend on unique, creative people.


As more women step into the spotlight and inhabit influential positions, it’s important to make room for others, to empower them and break down the barriers and glass ceilings that stand in the way. None of us are alone in this. While we still have work to do in the studio, in the community, and in the game itself, it’s important to recognize the progress we’ve made so far and everyone who helped us get here. We invite you to do the same. Join us on social media to see how we’re celebrating today and share your own stories!

And if you want to know more about the women behind The Sims, make sure you check out our International Women’s Day post on The Sims Forums this Sunday. We’ll be taking questions for our female SimGurus! Their responses will be up later in the month, but while you wait to get your answers, take a moment to inspire your fellow Simmers with one of your favorite quotes by a woman.

Happy International Women’s Day, Simmers!