Community Spotlight: Avocado Sims (Builder)

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Here to kick off our February Community Spotlight is talented builder, Avocado Sims! In a brief introduction below, Avocado Sims gives readers a chance to learn a bit more on her work in the community. Take it away Avocado!

Untitl12124124ed Hi everyone, I’m Avocado Sims or Naho Sims or if you want to call me by my real name its Paula, nice to meet you all! I’m a twenty six years old girl from Chile so im really really sorry if my English its not to good but I’m still learning(because i speak spanish, hehe). I been playing The Sims since 2005 but even when I’m in love of the The Sims 3, i have to recognize to all you that actually its The Sims 4 my truly love because i discovered in this what i like the most: building. ❤


About that, I’m more a room builder than a house builder, and usually build something called “doll house”, that its a room or a house without some walls and roof, something like an open space. Oh and i cant forgot to say that im also a clutter fan so almost all my builds are too cluttered, hehe.

Almost all my inspiration comes from Pinterest, and when i find a room that i like then i try to recreate it most of the time without using cc and sometimes with it. I’m still very new in all this, but i tries to made my best even when most of the thing that i build are not functional and you can only play them as decor, but creative has no limits and i want to be able to do more and more things in the future!

About me and my account, i only start to share my things in Instagram last year, i never thought that people would like my stuffs, i was so grateful when i realize that actually they do like. People are amazing! this comunnity its the most kind that i ever knew, people always try to help you, support you, and that’s what i most like of been part of this! I’m so thankful!


Sims 4 Gallery: aavocadosims