Composer Jerry Martin Releases “New Terrain” Track from SimCity 3000

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Jerry Martin, Lead Composer for The Sims, has released the “New Terrain” track from SimCity 3000. If you haven’t already signed up for updates, click here to subscribe!


This is Jerry Martin, music composer from The Sims and SimCity.

I’ve always loved this song from SimCity 3000.  “New Terrain”

It features some beautiful violin playing by Darol Anger. It’s in 5/4 time, in a patternistic minimalist style, and it’s one of several songs from SimCity 3000 that have darker mood in the first half and a lighter mood in the second half.


You can play or download it from here:  “New Terrain”

The page is password protected so enter:  bbb   and it should open.

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