EA Earnings (Q1 FY21): “The Sims 4 Exceeded 30 Million Players Life-to-Date”

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Electronic Arts has released Q1 FY21 financials, stating that The Sims 4 has exceeded 30 Million players since its launch in 2014. Check out details and information below!

The Sims continues to resonate with more players around the world. The Sims 4 now has more than 30 million players life-to-date across all platforms, and daily, weekly and monthly active player totals in the game all reached record highs for a first quarter. Our Sims mobile games had an excellent Q1 as well. The creative and inclusive nature of The Sims experience on any device is truly unique in all of gaming, and we’re especially proud of the way it helps players find community and express themselves during culturally challenging times.


We also just launched The Sims Spark’d on TBS and Buzzfeed, our first-ever reality competition TV show. Seamlessly integrating entertaining player stories and gameplay, alongside weekly challenges for Sims 4 players, it’s an entirely new and unique way to create competition. It shows the innovation we can bring to the esports space with our franchises, and we’re very excited by the fan reaction to date.

Engagement was broad-based, with net bookings for live services at extraordinary levels for FIFA, Madden, Apex Legends, the Sims and our mobile titles. And, with increased sales of our games across the breadth of our entire catalog, we connected more people to the games they want and to each other.

Live services & other net bookings were $1.103 billion, up $416 million from the prior year. This extraordinary result is a consequence of the years of work we’ve invested in building teams, processes and content for our titles, which delivered strength across our portfolio. FIFA, Madden, Apex Legends, and The Sims all grew very strongly. Ultimate Team was up 70% on a like-for-like basis, adjusting for the timing of Ultimate Team events, for the extra week in the quarter, and for currency. With “Lost Treasures”, Apex Legends presented players its most engaging event ever, and delivered its biggest season since launch. And, as Andrew mentioned, The Sims 4 exceeded 30 million users, life to date, and Q1 net bookings more than doubled year on year.


And yet at the same time, we know that the engagement in our games has never been higher. To see The Sims up 110% year-over-year, I mean, that’s driven by a lot of new people and lapse players coming into The Sims. And we know with The Sims, remember, it’s grown every year for the last 6 years. That means that people who come in don’t churn out. They get engaged and then they continue to engage in all the content that’s been produced and the new content. And that’s where we get pretty excited.