The Sims 4 Gallery Spotlight


Spring Around the Neighborhoods

Why stay in the same boring town, surrounded by the same repeating faces? Take a tour of homes that compliment many neighborhoods and inspire beginnings. Whether newly single and flying solo or needing to relocate with the kids, these homes won’t disappoint. Each is custom content free and available for download in the Gallery. Enjoy!

1. Oasis Spring Micro Home by Chaiteaslayer, §20,890

A tiny haven equipped with enough space for blissful solitary living. The first floor is the kitchen and bath, the ladder leads to the second floor with the bedroom. 


2. Small Spring House by kooky568, §54,783

Eclectic charm around every corner, this adorable home is cluttered joy. The first floor is the kitchen, living area, and bathroom; the second floor is a bedroom.


3. Tiny Beach Cottage by AndreaAna09, §55,551

Experience beach living while nestled behind the foliage surrounding this adorably decorated little home. Everything needed is on the first floor, stunning sunset views on the second.


4. Japanese Farmhouse by berlinkiii, §75,903

Escape the hustle and settle in the quiet calm surrounding this ready-to-be-cultivated farm. The first floor is the living area and kitchen. The second floor is the loft office, bedroom, and bathroom.


5. Modern Geometric House by camnly, §70,371 

Greyscale decor that’s anything but cold, this light and bright tiered modern home includes a living room on the first floor, a kitchen on the second, and a bedroom on the third. 


6. Dark Academia Cottage by Clarissa15, §82,335

Magic practitioners, rejoice! This cottagecore paradise includes a kitchen and living area on the first floor, a bathroom and a bedroom on the second. 


7. Growing Family Home by WildHippieChick, §82,742

Move into this comfortably cozy family home without any wasted space. The first floor includes the living area, dining area, kitchen, and bathroom. The second floor holds the master bedroom, children and/or teen bedroom, nursery, and bathroom.


8. Modern Hot Spring House by ggkimmiegal1, §89,707

Unique outdoor entertaining spaces define this lovely modern home. The main floor includes the living area, kitchen and dining room, and bathroom. The second floor has a large entertaining area and a master bedroom and bathroom.


9. Cottage Orchard by karinaowl, §125,737

Country warmth welcomes dedicated orchard farmers who look to sustain it for future generations. The first floor includes the kitchen, dining room, living area, bathroom, and master bedroom. The second floor is the children’s rooms, a nursery, and a bathroom.


10. Spring Steppes by Anglan, §127,416

Whimsically decorated, a feeling of hidden secrets to be discovered fills this charming home. It includes a living area, dining room, kitchen, bathroom, and solarium. The second floor holds a home office, a master bedroom, a bathroom, and a toddler room.