The Sims 4 “Countryside” Expansion: Fairies? Cars? Farms? Burglars?

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Today’s teaser for the “Countryside” Expansion Pack has players coming up with some interesting takes on what they expect to see with Thursday’s announcement. Fairies, Cars, Farms and Burglars are just some of the things players think the latest teaser means.


Let’s start with a take that seems to be more realistic: Farming. It is clear that the postcard talks about the “countryside life” and that is shows a photo of what can be described as the perfect environment to raise chickens and other farm animals. That is the first thing that comes to mind for the majority of players.


On the back of the postcard released by Maxis, you will see a gnome type object that has been confirmed to be a “Gonk”. I’ll leave you to read up on the gonk craze, but it does mention that gonks originate in Scandinavian and Nordic mythology. Their primary goal? To protect the houses and barns of farms.

Now if that wasn’t enough to convince you that farming is coming, others seem to think that the date of the stamp on the back of the postcard refers to “National Chicken Lady Day”. National Chicken Lady Day is celebrated on November 4th and is named after Dr. Marthenia “Tina” Dupree. There is a really awesome story behind this day, so read up!




Sleuth simmers took extra time to dig into the meaning of today’s teaser, and came up with a theory that may actually make sense: Cars. Stretching too far? Maybe not. If you look up the birthplace of the first Ford Automobile, you will find that Henry Ford’s garage was on Bagley Ave in Detroit.

Now maybe that was just a coincidence and it really has nothing to do with cars. However, there was an EA survey from back in 2015 where Maxis asked players about an idea for an upcoming expansion. The idea behind this expansion was to build vehicles and garages as a mechanic, then visit tourist destinations in your new ride.


Simmers also note that the teaser postcard references Maxis’ Thursday Expansion Pack announcement on YouTube as a “worldwide tourism video”. Intentional? Coincidence? Well as I was writing this article, SimGuruFrost shot it down as a mere coincidence.

Maybe next time!



This next one might be a big stretch, but it is somewhat intertwined with farming and the name shown on the expansion teaser: Burglars. Some simmers have pointed out that The Bagley family who lived in The Sims 3 World of Riverview, were known as career criminals. Here is a great video on the background of this family.

So basically their house was a treasure trove of stolen items, that they stored away in a barn on their lot located at 680 Old Farm Road. I’m not sure if this clue directly points to burglars being in the game, but it does make for an interesting addition to the theory farm. (No pun intended)




Last but not least, the theme that many players are hoping to see announced is…. Fairies. Where do we even begin. Let’s start with a tweet from SimGuruGeorge back in April, where he tweeted about a lot of REDACTED things.

Back then (as if it was ages ago) this tweet did not mean much. However, players are starting to piece together plenty of hints and clues that may lead to Fairies. For starters, REDACTED Sims is obviously referring to a type of Sim in the game, occult or otherwise.


Could it be Fairy Sims? Farmer Sims? We don’t know yet, but there are some recent hints on fairies that may have some merit. A little over a week ago, American Country Singer and Songriter, Caylee Hammack, shared a video on Twitter of her singing a simlish version of her hit song “Small Town Hypocrite”.

She starts off the video saying that she’s played “Sims Farm” in black and white, which makes for interesting speculation on what the topic of discussion may have been, and she also uses a “fairy” emoji in her Twitter post. Is this a hint? Maybe.


Today, GrimSuruDoi took to Twitter to dish out some acrostic poems, of which one tweet speak to “graceful lightness encircling you”. Reminds me of Tinker Bell.

Now if this wasn’t enough, let’s look back at another official survey released back in 2017. Fairies were listed as an expansion pack idea, along with a hidden world that can only be seen (played) as a fairy. Maybe that’s what SimGuruGeorge was talking about?

Last but not least, many players have wondered what exactly the postmark on the back of the postcard means. It’s not likely to be a misprint, so what else could it be if not National Chicken Lady Day? Well, SimGurusFrost claims that the post office in Henford Bagley is slow to deliver mail.


So that brings us to a final, but very interesting theory. Could it be part of the folklore? Check out this interesting theory by forum user CAPTAIN_NXR7 who suggests that going off into the fairy world could have something to do with it.

Here’s my theory:

Fairy Folk. Fairy folk live in realms in which time is different to ours. Let’s say on the 11th of April 2019 I’m about to post a letter to my Aunt. I’ll call her Aunt Abigail for the sake of this story.
On my way to the nearest post box I get distracted by the sound of bells ‘n giggles and all of a sudden I notice twinkling lights inside a ring of toadstools. I step into the ring and


I find myself in a fairy realm. (This actually happened to me many times…) So I wander around for a bit, have some good times with the wee folk and drink from buttercups full of honeydew before I decide to go home and tell everybody about this awesome place. But wait! Here’s this friendly fairy examining the letter in my hand and he says:


“Sure,why don’t ye give that to me and I’ll post it for ya.” And I say: “Are you sure now?” And the wee lad says: “Sure sure nay worries at all at all! It’ll arrive at the destination the moment ye get home.” And I say: “Grand so, cheers” and I hand over the letter to him and leave. That little visit lasted give or take… 45 minutes or so?

But here’s the thing:

Once home, I will realize that the world isn’t the same as the one before I stepped through Toadstool Portal. In fact, I ask the sweet old lady sitting on that bench over there what day and time it is and she answers: “Why of course my dear boy, it’s the 7th of June 2021.” At that very moment my postcard drops onto Aunt Abigail’s old doormat…

If that’s not enough to get you thinking, I don’t know what is. So, with that said, what do you think Maxis will announce this Thursday? Let us know your thoughts and theories in the comments below!