The Sims 4: Non-Binary Pronoun Progress To Be Revealed in January 2022

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During today’s Inside Maxis stream, SimGurus announced that they will be hosting a live stream in January to give players a look at the progress with Non-Binary Pronouns.

So this past May we opened up about our pursuit for Non-Binary language in The Sims. Since then we have researched global language characteristics, connected with consultants, and collected data on areas where a change may be needed. Now there is a path ahead of us before we are able to update the game, but we would like to give you a look behind the scenes and show you where we are in the process.


In January 2022 during the first Inside Maxis of the new year, we are hosting a fireside chat with members of our development team, where we will share an update including the research completed to date, more on our partnership with the external experts, and the work in progress wire frames. Make sure to tune in.