The Sims 4 Werewolves: First Look at Creating Werewolves in CAS

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During today’s Sims 4 Werewolves Game Pack Live Stream, Gurus gave a first look at the process of creating werewolves in Create-a-Sim. Aside from some of the basic pre-created skins and options, werewolves can be customized similarly to how Pets can.

We showed earlier how you can come into CAS and create a werewolf, but as you can see right here, this Sim already has two forms. There is a linking system in the game which means that the faces of a Sim and werewolf are linked. So if we use the face manipulation tool to change his nose, you will see that the werewolf version will also have the same nose. Same if you change it in the werewolf form. Their faces should somewhat resemble each other when you are adjusting their faces.


So the first “beast form” will look a little bit like a werewolf but it doesn’t exactly look like a Sim either. But you will see that sort of resemblance in their face. If you want to create beast form that is totally different, you can go ahead and click the link button to unlink and then you can go wild on one form without affecting the other.

Let’s go through some of the options here. We have some ears, various cheek tuffs, noses, teeth options, chin tuffs, different jaws, and head shapes. You can also change these areas with the face manipulation tool.

There are also various accessories, piercings, toenails, fingernails, clothing, and any other items that can normally fit on a werewolf. You won’t see shoes for example, but you can wear most pants, tops, outfits and accessories.


Now let’s hop in to show you the different coats. There’s lots of different coats that you can use, some that are fantasy, some that are classic, and crazy ones too. You can change out the base colors of these coats if you want, but just like Pets, you even go into Paint Mode where you can draw on your werewolves to further customize. There are various stencils and options available to you.

Here is a slide of some custom creations from SimGurus at Maxis.