The Sims 4 Werewolves Game Pack: Werewolf Abilities

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During today’s Sims 4 Werewolves Game Pack Live Stream, Gurus gave a first look at the various different Werewolf Abilities available for Sims to acquire in the game. They hovered over a few of the options, so we have complied those below.

Voracious Hunger – Devour objects to satisfy hunger. (Full Description Not Visible)

Hunter – Learn to hunt for food. Werewolves want “fresher” meat. (Full Description Not Visible)

XX Nap – Nap Ability. (Full Description Not Visible)

The Will to Resist – With some added mental fortitude, a large dollop of willpower, and a few breathing exercises, this Sim can now attempt to Regain Control after losing it and entering a rampage. If successful, the Sim will immediately stop rampaging. (Regain control while rampaging.)


Scavenger – There is a wealth of lost artifacts right beneath this Sim’s feet. With the ability to Scavenge Ground, they will be able to pull treasures right out of the earth with their bare hands. Who cares what the neighbors think? (Dig up lost treasures and artifacts.)

Personal Grooming – Is this Sim dirty? Just have them lick themselves clean. Why re-invent the wheel when the answer was inside us all along. Social appropriateness of using Groom may vary. (Lick away the dirt!)

Somber Howl – Being a werewolf is hard, and sometimes this Sim has just gotta speak their truth. They’ll be able to release a Somber Howl from time to time to calm down and reduce their Fury. (Learn a howl that reduces fury.)


Curse Bearer – Bearer of the Curse. Seek others, grant them the gift. Seek the moon, embrace its light. (Turn other Sims into Werewolves via a cursed bite.)

Primal Instincts – Who needs all these unnecessary emotions? Being a werewolf who can activate Primal Instincts means channeling the beast within to focus the mind on what’s important: being a confident werewolf who can keep other more negative moods at bay. (Tap into your instincts for a quick confidence boost.)

Tunneler – Bore through the earth with a handy Tunnel Here! Perfect for wanting to make a grand entrance or needing to make a quick escape. This Sim will make it look effortless! (Quickly travel around the world by digging tunnels.)


Territory Marking – Be free. Enjoy the relief of being able to Mark Territory anywhere and at any time. The world is your canvas. (Leave a mark in the world and relieve bladder need.)

Transformation Mastery (Dormant Ability) – Staying contained and away from others while rampaging will grant this Sim a brief moment of clarity. This insight will help them master the art of transformation, granting the ability to call upon the beast form at any time while still retaining a semblance of humanity. Be warned! Even with this newfound mastery, the Sim will still be susceptible to the ever encroaching Fury boiling within. (Transform into beast mode at will!)

Werewolf Mentorship (Dormant Ability) – This Sim has been around the block, and has a wealth of insight on all things werewolf. Werewolves under this Sim’s guidance will receive bonus rank, mood, and relationship gains when being mentored, tought to howl, or having werewolf experiences shared with them. (Teach other werewolves with skill and grace)


Lunar Epiphany (Dormant Ability) – Eureka! This Sim can comprehend the lost secrets of the moon! This is an important step towards understanding the history and nature of werewolves, and can lead to learning how to cure this ailment for good. (Read the ancient werewolf writings)

Werewolf Empathy (Dormant Ability) – After spending enough time around other werewolves, Kurt has learned a thing or two about their behavior. Sometimes, a werewolf just needs another werewolf to hear them out. With Pacify, this Sim can now remove all Fury from another werewolf and even prevent them from rampaging. There, there, it’s going to be okay. (Help pacify other werewolves.)

Werewolf Diplomacy (Dormant Ability) – This Sim now has the social tools to convince others that werewolves are still somewhat human. Use his new Werewolf Diplomacy skills to bestow the “Werewolf Ally” Trait on Sims, changing their outlook on werewolves forever. (Use diplomacy to win over werewolf allies.)