The Sims 4: New Lunar Cycle Coming to the Base Game

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During today’s Sims 4 Werewolves Live Stream, Gurus confirmed that a new “Lunar Cycle” feature will be added to the base game with the next patch. The lunar cycle will affect both werewolves and other occults, and will be an optional feature for players.

I want to talk a little bit about this statue that we have. If you hover over the statue you will see that it says “Waxing Crescent Moon” and that’s because we are adding a lunar cycle to the game. That’s going to come with our base game update so everyone will get the lunar cycle, but of course we made sure that lunar phases will affect werewolves more.


So you can look into the sky and you can see that we have a new crescent moon. We have 8 lunar phases, the full moon is going to make your werewolves go wild, but if you hover over at the bottom UI, you can see the current lunar phase. And for our non-were Sims you will be able to do things like moon-bathe and we added a few things for children and toddlers as well, so they can ask questions about the moon to their caregivers.

We also have you some options so that if you’re like “I always want it to be a full moon” or “I want the moon phases to last longer or shorter”, or you know what, “I don’t want any of those pesky lunar effects on my Sims”. You can choose how to play your game.

  • Lunar Cycle Length
    • 2 Days
    • 4 Days
    • 8 Days
    • 16 Days
    • 24 Days
  • Set Permanent Phase
    • Disabled
    • New Moon
    • Waxing Crescent Moon
    • First Quarter Moon
    • Waxing Gibbous Moon
    • Full Moon
    • Waning Gibbous Moon
    • Third Quarter Moon
    • Waning Crescent Moon
  • Disable Lunar Effects
    • Enable or disable Lunar Effects on Sims in Live Mode. Current Lunar moodlets will remain until they have naturally disappeared.

The full moon also affects the other occults in different ways too. Mermaids, Vampires, Aliens and Spellcasters. So again, we leave it up to you discover, but if you play you will see that certain phases affect those different occults in specific ways.  For the werewolves specifically, you can see that we call out what the gameplay effects will be in the UI. So if you look at what the current phase is, “oh it’s a Waxing Crescent Moon” that means I will get more skill gain from Fitness activities.