Inspiration Corner: Different Rooms for Different Teens

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It’s nearly time our teenage sims get to live the best of their High School Years with the new The Sims 4 Expansion Pack. And although the DLC will bring us some amazing new content for our beloved Build/Buy mode, we can already put what we have to use and build some bedrooms for teenagers beforehand.

This is not a new idea in itself, as I have shared an Inspiration Corner about teens rooms in the past, but I am positive this theme deserves a refresh and an expansion (pun intended!).


Who are the sims you are creating? How are they going to live their High School Years? Are they more adult in their ways or are they still connected to their childhood? Here are a few examples of how their bedrooms can reflect their personalities and even help shape their future.

Sporty Sim

Maybe this is a teen who wants to join a team in University, maybe they dream about being a star athlete in the future, or perhaps they’re just really looking forward to the Snow Festival in Mt. Komorebi next Saturday. Anyway, this is the place where they can store their gear and renew their energy for the next match.

Art Inclined

This is for sims who like to get their hands dirty – with paint, glitter, glue and whatever else they need to finish their latest crafts project. Their bedrooms are much more than a place to sleep, it’s where they nurture their creativity. Where will their imagination take them? Only time (and you, as a player) will tell.


Adorably Cute

Life is hard – that’s a lesson (amongst many) that we learn as a teenager. Maybe this sim wants to create a shelter from all the teen angst they witness in school and connect to what’s pure and good, and also fun! Ain’t nothing wrong with that.

Animal Lover

You know those sims who prefer animals to other sims? Not gonna lie, that would be me as a sim. If yours dreams of owning a vet clinic or maybe move to Henford-on-Bagley to be surrounded by animals, this is the room for them.

Childish Sims

Well… some sims refuse to grow up and I can’t say I don’t understand them. Maybe they never wished for that Childish trait they were given. These sims are still fully in contact with who they were as a kid and their bedrooms reflect that.


Career Oriented

Now on the other hand there are sims who seem to have grown up before their time. All they talk about is their (good) grades and moving to Britechester. They’re all about organization, efficiency and ambition. Not the most fun sim to be, but they get the job done.

Geek as a Lifestyle

There are sims who were raised going to GeekCon in San Myshuno every other week, and then there also those who wish they had. Whether your sim wants to join the force in Batuu or just stay home playing videogames, this is the place for them.

Music Lover

Some sims listen to music, others dance to it. But then there are those who live music all the time they’re awake (and sometimes in their dreams). What does the melody of their high school years sound like? I have no idea, but this is their bedroom.


Adventure Driven

Even those who are seeking an adrenaline rush everyday need some rest from time to time, and this is where they get their sleep, but also where they plan their next adventure. Aqua zipping in Sulani? Surviving a full moon night in Moonwood Mill? Or maybe even solving the mystery of Strangerville? What will it be?

Hopeless Romantic

Now some teen sims seek other kind of adventure, one you live with your heart (and sometimes only on your mind). This room is for the ones who wish everyday was Love Day, those who dream of a big, glitch-free wedding in Tartosa and those who are practicing the art of messing around (but not woohooing yet cause The Sims 4 is rated T for Teens).