Inspiration Corner: Five Themes for Teens Rooms

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For the first Inspiration Corner of 2020, I thought it was fitting to talk about… 2019. I’ll explain: I was going through all the content we got for the past twelve months and I noticed a few recurring themes. And then I was thinking how I could put them to use and realized they would fit really well for an idea I’ve had for a while now: After Kids Rooms, it was time to show our teens some love in the form of decoration.

So I put together these small sets to showcase how some of the items from different packs work well together. Everything you see in these following images came was added to the game in 2019, and I think these themes can inspire you to also build other types of rooms or even entire lots.

So here we go, five styles of teens rooms you can build in The Sims 4 with recent content.

Adventurous Spirit

This one is for the adrenaline seeking kids, those who know that the only thing to fear is fear itself (and maybe cowplants). They could dive in the bottom of Sulani’s ocean to look for treasures, or climb on the highest peak of Strangerville just for the thrill of it. These sims are all about mystery, danger and living life to the fullest (#yolo).

Pop Culture Savvy

Books, movies, music – this one is for the kid who spends hours and hours immerse in other worlds, and then come back to reality only to engage and long discussions with their friends about the very same things. They stan characters, play games on every platform they can and have a vast knowledge of everything worth checking out, from classic releases to the latest trend on Simstagram.


Nature Lover

For those sims who can’t get enough of nature and want to bring wildlife to the inside of their homes. They find inspiration in nature, with all its shapes and colors. Animals delight them, plants soothe them. If they have to sleep on the inside, they’re going to make sure they will miss the outdoors as little as possible.

Fantasy Aficionado

After reading all Henry Puffer books, kids dream of finding a magic portal that would take them to the Realm of Magic. Their rooms will reflect that, trying to replicate fantasy worlds with their mystic creatures, like dragons, gnomes and monsters. They can act like muggles, but they’re spellcasters at heart.

Science Inclined

Or maybe your teenage sims have already figured out that the world they live in is already plenty unknown and, instead of looking for fantasy, they want to understand more the reality they’re in, and answer those questions with logic. They’re bedrooms are where they will dive into experiments, think of more questions and have a good night of rest so they can explore science again the next day.