Confirmed: The Sims 4 Getting Birthmarks on the Next Patch

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After a lot of speculation ever since the last Behind The Sims Summit was released, The Sims 4 has officially announced that birthmarks, stretch marks and cesarean scars are coming to the base game as a free update on March 14th. See their tweet below.

Birthmarks and other skin details can also be spotted throughout all promo materials of “Growing Together”, the new Expansion Pack to the game, which will be released on March 16th. Until now, it’s been unclear whether those would be free for all or part of the DLC.


Their tweet also shows some Create a Sim items coming with the EP.

Besides skin details, the next game update have been confirmed to revamp children’s skills and, of course, bring infants as a new life stage to The Sims 4. The patch comes out on March 14th, two days before the EP.