New “Sleepover Sleepwear” Set Exclusive to EA Play Subscribers

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What was first believed to be free content coming to The Sims 4 via Sims Delivery Express (SDX), The Sims 4 Sleepover Sleepwear is now understood to be exclusive to EA Play Subscribers who play the game on console.

This new content was first discovered a few weeks ago, after the latest patch. Twitter users @LuniverSims and @Mushilda were the ones to first share about it.


Last week, another Twitter user, @ALumia_Italia, found a leaked release date for the set on Xbox. Knowing that SDX drops happen simultaneously across all platforms, it became known that it would come out today.

The SDX, however, never came to our games. After some speculation around social media, when only simmers 1) Playing on console, and 2) Subscribing to EA Play could see the set, @CentralSimmer confirmed on Twitter that one of the “Community Leads” on The Sims official Forums, knows as EA_Cade, finally spoke about the set. See their tweet below.

Until the moment this is posted, EA had not made any official announcements regarding this new content or future perks for EA Play subscribers.


User @Maple_Simmer adds that the same EA_Cade says he acknowledges simmer’s frustration and has “forwarded that feedback up”.