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Origin Accounts To Be Renamed “EA Accounts”

  Electronic Arts is starting to send out notification emails regarding the account changes being rolled out over the next few weeks. According to the...

Sims 3 VIP Newsletter: “100 Simpoint” Codes Emailed Out!

  Remember the 100 Simpoint code email from April 10th? Well today, EA started rolling out the codes to redeem your 100 simpoints! I have received...

The 5 Coolest Pools Build By The Origin Team

  The Origin(al) Pool. Try as we might, we haven’t been able to convince our bosses to let us build an pool in the shape...

The Sims 4 VIP Newsletter

  Click Below!  

Sims 3 VIP Newsletter Signup + 100 Simpoints?

  The Sims 3 Team has emailed out a Sims 3 Showtime Newsletter, and it includes a link to sign up for the Sims 3...

Sims 3 VIP Newsletter – July 2011

  Here is your July 2011 Newsletter.  Click the image to be directed!      

The Sims 3 Starter Pack Newsletter

  For more information on the Starter Pack, click here.  

Origin’s One Year Anniversary Newsletter (NA)

  To celebrate their one year anniversary, Origin is sending players who reside in the USA and Canada a free game code! Keep a look...
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