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The Sims 3 Diesel Live Chat Replay!

  Video Link  

New “Sims Celebration” Design Added to The Sims Official Merch Store

To celebrate #AllTheThings Sims, Maxis has released a new design for their Merchandise Store. The "Sims Celebration" design has been added to the T-Shirt category....

Sims 3 Store: June Venue Preview #10

Via SimGuruCopeland Beneath that beautiful tent is an not so subtle reference to everyone’s favorite evil chicken.

Urbania Sims: Sims 3 Island Paradise Preview

  Click Below! - (Full Fansite Preview List Here)  

SimsSlovenija – Sims 3 Pets Questions Answered!

  Remember a while back when Pets was first announced?  Well the awesome Guru's had agreed to do Q&A's with fansites (including us) for Pets!...

Generations Re-Cap of all published Screens & Videos!

  So we thought it would be ideal for us to post a re-cap of all the Screens that have been posted everywhere on the...

Sims 3 Horror Machinima – Demise

  The newest Machinima release by faalq is a must see!   [youtube]  

Meet Tysha & Gary: “Inspiring Creativity” Winners

  Meet Tysha, one of the winners of The Sims 3 University Life’s Inspiring Creativity Contest. Tysha’s compelling story of how The Sims changed her...

Sims 3 Store: In Game Freebies

  Get in game and snatch up these freebies while you can! Kudos to SteveMyBear for the tip!    

Discussion: SimGuru Q&A on r/TheSims

SimGurus took time to engage with players over on r/thesims and discuss various aspects of the studio, from feature implementation, to development. SimGuruTrev also reiterated...
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