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Sunlit Tides: Six New Screens

  Via SimGuruSarah!  

Sunlit Tides Live Chat (8/22/12)

  This Wednesday, the Store World team will be hosting a Live Broadcast of Sims 3 Sunlit Tides! As usual, we will host the live...

Sunlit Tides: Premium Content Revealed?

  The Sims 3 UK Facebook page prematurely released a photo of what will probably be the Premium Content for Sunlit Tides. Relax and take...

Sunlit Tides Uber-RabbitHole: THE LAIR

  Via Official Forums   Are you tired of your Criminal Sims slinking in the shadows and hiding inside a series of “abandoned” warehouses? Do you think...

Sunlit Tides: Three New Screenshots

  Via SimGuruSarah  

Sunlit Tides: New Screens & Concept Art

  SimGuruSarah has shared some new Sunlit Tides Screens, as well as the concept art for the new columns. Yes, it's the Freezer Buneh! :D   ...

EA Announces The Sims 3 Sunlit Tides (New World)

    A modern downtown gives way to a lush jungle sprinkled with exotic bungalows and waterfront vacation homes nestled between the gentle waves of the...

New Sims 3 World: ‘Sunlit Tides’ Coming Soon!

    In today's Supernatural/Seasons chat, the Sims team announced that a brand new Store World is coming soon to the Sims 3 Store!   Sunlit Tides will...