Sunlit Tides Uber-RabbitHole: THE LAIR

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Are you tired of your Criminal Sims slinking in the shadows and hiding inside a series of “abandoned” warehouses? Do you think they are in desperate need of a Lair that reflects how awesome they really are? Then look no further than The Sims 3 Sunlit Tides!  The featured Rabbit Hole for Sunlit Tides is a stunning volcano hideout worthy of the most devious of villains!




And devious villains abound in the beautiful isle of Sunlit Tides! The criminal network is strong on the island. Alana Kahale is the 3rd generation running the family business. Her husband dominates the island’s political scene and her brother runs the local law enforcement, so she’s free to carry out her nefarious schemes without interference.




Added bonus: 
Original concept art for Sunlit Tide’s “The Lair”