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SimsGuruArgus Answers University Questions

  Q&A Link Q: Can the college Sims get married & pregnant in college life? A: No marriage and no pregnancy. It’s kept pretty casual while Sims are at...

New Sims 3 University Screenshot

  Via The Sims 3 Germany & The Sims Style  

University Blog: Irresistible to Socially Awkward

  Article Link   Love it, hate it, want one, avoid one, but everyone’s got one — a social life that is. While making the grade is...

Sims 3 University Life Fact Sheet & Official Screens

The Sims 3 University Life Fact Sheet   This article contains all officially confirmed information regarding the Sims 3 University Life Expansion Pack. When new info...

Speculation: PlantSims in University Life?

    Even though we have been bombarded with a ton of University info since the announcement, there is still one piece of information missing; The Lifestate....

Recap of Tuesday’s Major Announcements & Info

  What a crazy and exciting day! Everything from Snorkeling, to movie themed stuff packs, we have a year's worth of fun ahead of us. 2013...

Three New University Screenshots

  Via EB Games - Thanks Bibupp!    

Pre Order The Sims 3 University Life @ GAME UK

  Click Below! - Please note this is NOT the Limited Edition  
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