Speculation: PlantSims in University Life?

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Even though we have been bombarded with a ton of University info since the announcement, there is still one piece of information missing; The Lifestate. There are plenty of hints at what the new creature may be, and they all point to PlantSims!


For complete details on PlantSims from The Sims 2, check out the SimsWiki PlantSim article. Now let’s take a look at those hints!

❗ Please remember that this post is nothing more than speculation.

The folks over at Tom and Annabelle shared a screenshot of what looks to be the hair of a male PlantSim. This photo was captured during the Live EA Broadcast on 1/8/13.


The next clue – Play with Herbs – comes directly from The Sims 3 University trailer, and The Sims 3 Facebook page. PlantSims, Herbs, you get the point! 😛
Source: Rincon Del Simmer

Untitled uni herbs

Finally, the Sims 3 University trailer includes a scene of a “Scientist” performing some type of testing on a pile of leaves. The device being used looks large enough to hold a transformed PlantSim.
: Simified