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Reminder: Sims 3 Live Broadcast Tomorrow (3/1/13)

  The Sims 3 Live Broadcast will begin tomorrow, 3/1/13, @ 10am Pacific! As usual, we will host the live event right here on SimsVIP,...

Amazon (CA & ES)Lists The Sims 3 *Plus* University Life

  Amazon Canada has listed The Sims 3 Plus University Life! The date listed is March 23rd, which happens to be a Saturday, so the date...

Edenstyle University Preview Part 3

  For a complete list of fansite previews and screenshots, click here!   Once arrived in University campus, you have to choose where to live. You can rent...

Pre Order University Life @GameTreeMac

  Mac users click below!  

Speculation: PlantSims in University Life?

    Even though we have been bombarded with a ton of University info since the announcement, there is still one piece of information missing; The Lifestate....

Sims 3 University Life Achievements

  The Sims 3 University adds brand new Achievements for you to complete in your game. There are a total of 59 New Achievements. Below is a list explaining each...

Sims 3 University Gameplay Videos!

  Video #1 - Video #2 - Video #3 - Thanks Vampiro! [youtube] [youtube] [youtube]  

Reminder: One Week Until University Life’s Release!

  For those of you planning on pre ordering The Sims 3 University Life Expansion, know that you only have a week left to do...

Edenstyle University Preview Part 7

  For a complete list of fansite previews and screenshots, click here!     Click Below!  
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