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The Sims 4: Lifetime Rewards (List)

  The Lifetime Rewards Store is a place for Sims to go and purchase reward traits and potions. You purchase from the store using Satisfaction...

The Sims 4: 20 New Screens from Ruthless_kk!

    Continue...(Screens found in multiple blogs)  

The Sims 4: Baby Aging up to Child

  Once your Sim gives birth in The Sims 4, you will have the option to automatically age up the baby. Since it has been confirmed...

The Sims 4 Creators Camp Embargo Ends On Monday!

  Alexis has just announced the the embargo for The Sims 4 Creators Camp ends on Monday, August 4th! So expect a sudden flood of...

The Sims 4: Death by Hunger + No Ghosts

  Death in The Sims 4 is pretty much the same as it has always been, except that now, pushing your Sims into high levels...

Re: The Sims 4 Creator’s Camp Embargo

For those following and contributing to The Sims 4 Creator’s Camp (Mega Post), I want to make a few clarifications about the embargo. First, I know...

The Sims 4: Nine New Screenshots!

  The special treat from the EA USB ;) Creator's Camp Exclusive...
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