Sims 3 Lunar Lakes Live Chat + 1st Screen!


Tune in to the The Sims 3 Lunar Lakes Chat February 14th 2012! Producers will be taking questions and showing off the newest Sims 3 World! We now know where those fantasy trees came from! :P

Thanks to SimCookie for the info!


Join The Sims 3 Assistant Producer Sarah Holding for an exclusive demo and live Q&A of the new foreign world, Lunar Lakes, coming soon to The Sims 3 Store.

Starting at 10:00 a.m. PST, February 14th, Holding will be taking you to the outer reaches of Lunar Lakes, to give you an intergalactic demo of the most far-out The Sims 3 world you’ve ever seen. Want to make sure you remember? Sign up for a reminder by entering your e-mail in the “Cover It Live” box to your right.

But that’s not all! Looking to get some cool swag from The Sims team? Tune in live and Tweet with #TS3LunarLakes for your chance to be selected for random giveaways.

To prepare for the launch of the new world The Sims 3 Store is offering 25% discount on SimPoints from now until February 16th. Be sure to stock up now at The Sims 3 Store using the coupon code: Lunar.




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  1. PinkyDoodle says:

    OMG at the edge center of those lakes/pools they kinda look like diving boards…XDD dont u think??

  2. Jeff says:

    Cool Valentines Day of all days to show it. This world must be already done by them having a walkthru on it.

  3. Trufan1 says:

    It looks very interesting! I’m looking forward to seeing more about it.

  4. Darrell says:

    Greeeeeeaaaaatttttt, don’t get paid again until Feb. 17. Of course.

  5. 5050Sims says:

    Just to let you know they changed the “Lunar” 25% code to the “simheart” 20% code

  6. Sims VIP says:

    Thanks hun, I just removed it :)

  7. jamie says:

    this just looks great to me…almost like a base on moon…

  8. Barbie says:

    Only worth it if there’s new things to do there. If it’s just another world with only one premium content, then no thanks

  9. Danny says:

    i hope we’ll get new creature coming with the new patch including in this new world or else this is useless to have alien world without any alien creature :|

  10. Lori says:

    I want to view it better but its asking me for a Authentication sign in name? Oh well I will see it when it comes out I guess..

  11. JacobGuy says:

    I really hope this comes with aliens! Because I miss the aliens :(

  12. Danny says:

    Especially I want The Bella Goth Disappearance story in TS2 to move on in that new world :DD

  13. MeaganJo says:

    The suspense is killing me!!!

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