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Via Die Sims - Thanks Rincon Del Simmer!


Meet Jaycen Hendrix at Lucky Palms! He was born with a silver spoon in his mouth. He moved to the city to further his business career and learned skills that would one day help him take over his father’s company. He works hard and plays harder. He also collects cars and expensive works of art in his mansion and has a multitude of friends.


One of the households in the New World are the Vokobans. Eli is very tolerant of what has made him rich. This, in turn, the charming Lina Lancaster was irresistible. The love they showered with gifts and Eli touches, but he does not know that she is expecting a baby. A fact that could come between the two …

LP 2

Yolanda Shaw likes to flirt. She loves bright, vibrant colors and extra-short skirts. Not all guys have it done to her … it should fit easily. She works in the music career. Yolanda is currently pregnant and Playboy Jaycen Hendrix is the father.

LP 3


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  1. Leni says:

    Is is just me or does Yolanda Shaw remind anyone else of Zelda Mae from Sunset Valley? The orange dress and long blonde hair especially.

  2. miklc says:

    Ooooh exciting, I really hope this world is not too expensive. I really want the wishing well

  3. just me says:

    those are some weird descriptions lol, cant wait to see the rest of the town though.

    1. Jay says:

      A little bit of the descriptions were lost in translation.

      1. SimsVIP says:

        ^^ This. :P

  4. Bo Na Na says:

    Hurry up and release it!

  5. Mark says:

    Is that a new dress – the orange one?

    1. britt says:

      Hope so!
      Looks cute :)

  6. AznSensei says:

    Ehhh… the families don’t seem that interesting to me >.<

  7. catloverplayer says:

    There are more families then they mentioned. I’m ready for an official release date. If this world is out this week I’ll be suprised.

    I think it’s coming out next Thursday a week before the new July sets. It’s going to be hard to wait that long.

  8. Sunflower says:

    Haha. I loved the play on Jimi Hendrix with Jaycen Hendrix. That’s a classic lol.

  9. Charlie says:

    This wasn’t enough to get excited about… I didn’t see any new clothes, or hair or furnishings. Also, the storylines didn’t translate well.

  10. markydee says:

    Meh, they don’t seem that interesting. I’ll be so remodelling this if I get it.. :D I like that most of the houses are modern, so a little touch up on every house/household will surely make this a great town. :)

    And it’s probably next week, coz of the sales that were leaked on the igs site, the 40-50% discount thing… so I hope it’s on the 28th ^-^

  11. Rae says:

    what should fit easily?? ew.

  12. Liz says:

    Wow…..there is appeanrently alot of affairs and scandal in this town XDD

  13. Zerbu says:

    “Yolanda is currently pregnant and Playboy Jaycen Hendrix is the father.”


    The Sims 3 is rated T for Teen!

    1. Jay says:

      “Yolanda Shaw likes to flirt. She loves bright, vibrant colors and extra-short skirts. Not all guys have it done to her … it should fit easily.”

      Tee-hee! Oh really?

  14. SimmyGurl says:

    It looks like many Sims in this house is Pregnant or has something to do with Babies.

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