The Sims 3 @ The Teen Choice Awards
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The Sims 3 has published photos from this year’s Teen Choice Awards. Celebrities, Candy and Katy Perry’s Sims Games!


Teen 1 Teen Teen 2 Teen 3




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  1. POpo says:

    I would have thought EA would have stayed out of the teen choice awards, but then I remembered it’s a teen and over game :/

  2. jadeisallama says:

    I’ll take the candy.

  3. Annoyed says:

    I love how the rich celebs get gift bags filled with sims games. When they make way more money than the average person, they could easily afford to buy every sims game ever made, if they choose. We are the one’s who play and love the game, basically made it was it is today, and they probably won’t even play them. Just sucks we never get that opportunity we are forced to tweet a hash tag or something extra just to get a dumb poster.

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