Sims 3 Store: Several Freebies Available In Game
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Some “exclusive” in game freebies have surfaced in shop mode! The Simoleons in Love Fountain, Lucky Simoleon Casino Sign, Casino Column & Nectar is Necessary Bar can be downloaded for free!

Thanks to Gucio for the tip, and Monika for the screens! :)


Simoleons In Love

Nectar is Necessary'


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  1. babbylegs1970 says:

    I’m clicking on pictures to try and D/L but it won’t work how do I d/L into game?

    1. Megan says:

      You don’t download it from clicking on the pictures. Launch the game and with in-game store enabled look around for the picture of the items and click on the picture and press download.

  2. D:X says:

    I can’t find in the sims 3 store for websites. Is it possible to get it in the websites? or just in-game if it is possible can you tell me where

    1. Elyssande says:

      I don’t think you can get it anywhere else than in-game. Remember to turn on the store function if you’re searching for it in-game ;)

  3. MonaD says:

    I bought LPs and I think it’s great EA is offering this. I never check the in game store. I guess I will from now on.

  4. JoKnows says:

    Thanks SimsVip! Another successful visit to your awesome site! Yay! Got 3 Free things! Still looking for the bar LOL

  5. Mare1969 says:

    I have connected several times and looked carefully in every place, I only found the fountain. While I have read in many forums USA found that all 6 items for free. It’s not that much to change EA makes children and stepchildren, and 6 items from them only to Americans???

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