Sims 3 Store: Several Freebies Available In Game
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Some “exclusive” in game freebies have surfaced in shop mode! The Simoleons in Love Fountain, Lucky Simoleon Casino Sign, Casino Column & Nectar is Necessary Bar can be downloaded for free!

Thanks to Gucio for the tip, and Monika for the screens! :)


Simoleons In Love

Nectar is Necessary'


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  1. POpo says:

    So much for gold exclusive :D

  2. elanorbreton says:

    Where, oh where? :) I found the nectar bar but not the other two items. I would really have loved to get the casino sign.

  3. Goldysch says:

    Thanks SimsVIP :D

  4. Elyssande says:

    Thanks for letting us know! :)

  5. Goldysch says:

    I don’t see the bar D:

  6. Klaus says:

    I have only Bar, Column and Fountain. What do I miss?

  7. Elyssande says:

    The bar should be under entertainment > party, right? I don’t know if they removed it or if it’s only visible for some.

  8. Gucio92 says:

    I guess u can’t see some of the freebies ‘couse there are only three randomly selected items showing as Featured Store Items in buy/build mode per each category, so u have to wait and check every time u enter the game.

  9. SimsVIP says:

    I would suggest clicking each tab per category, and make sure to use the “Room” sorter, not the “objects” sorter.

  10. Ashley says:

    Wonder if the wishing well or any other PC item would ever get “unlocked”.

  11. Claudia says:

    Thank you I got them all! :D :D

  12. Starnex says:

    I can’t see any of them! :( i’ve been wanting the sign/ column for so long. I wonder if it’s because i’m in the UK? Or does it not work like that. Thanks anyway for the heads up though, i’ll keep checking. There aren’t any featured items in the lawn ornaments category.

    • SimsVIP says:

      Do you have Shop Mode enabled?

      • Starnex says:

        Yeah I do, I have featured items in other categories but not lawn ornaments for some reason. I’m reloading the game to see if that’ll help. Thanks for trying to help :)

        • Starnex says:

          I have loaded up a new save file and still nothing. I just want that flashing sign thing! Aaaargh.

          • Starnex says:

            Sorry to keep replying to myself x) I wasn’t fully updated, so I did that and I saw the flashing sign! But trying to buy it crashed my game.. so now trying to open it for the 4th time! @.@ hopefully this will help anyone who couldn’t see it either though.

          • RenanCN says:

            If your game keeps crashing, try to reset it to factory,
            read this “”.
            I know how annoying it is and own a lot to Crinrict for creating this error-cleaner tutorial… (works for anything, not only cc related issues)

  13. martys15 says:

    In what mode/category I find the object “Lucky Simoleon Casino Sign”??

  14. Sock Puppet says:

    I can’t find the bar either. It’s not showing up under Living Room > Bar or Entertainment > Parties D:

  15. Goldysch says:

    Outdoor —> Lawn Ornaments

  16. Goldysch says:

    I can’t see the bar yet :(

  17. aerogurl says:

    I got all of them but the bar. I only use LN bars now, haha.

  18. Visgoth says:

    This is SOOO messed up!!! I am tired of EA making putting things up for free I paid good money for all this. Stupid.

    • Process Denied says:

      It’s just like the parable where the owner paid the people who worked all day the same wages as those that only worked an hour. We got what we paid for, it’s EAs prerogative if they want to give things away.

  19. velocitygrass says:

    The Nectar is Necessary Barstool is also free. (Living Room -> Barstools)

  20. dash3001 says:

    I just got all of them, thank you SimsVip. Before I loaded the game I cleared all my caches and if you usually bypass the launcher like I do, then don’t. Not sure if that helps those who are having a problem.

  21. Chris says:

    The barstool should be free too I think?

  22. araneldon says:

    No bar or barstool here either, but I did get the rest. Thanks for the heads up :)

  23. wzw1177 says:

    So no web address? :(

  24. Max Q Baker says:

    I was able to grab them all. Thanks!
    Bar was under group by room – dining (not living) – then bars
    The barstool may have been under ‘by room’ also, but I found it first under the second by function option… went to comfort, misc, and among there it was.

    For the other four items, at first I was making the mistake of going to by room and just looking on the right side (the sets), but that was wrong. Had to click on the objects on the left to get to that section of items, then found them (in case that helps anyone else.)

  25. Ricky says:

    Could it haved been only on that day to get the freebies?

    • Ricky says:

      The three objects did appeared except the bar. I’ve search extensively on every object, checked if I had online store enabled(Which is always on.), and haved restarted the game many, many times! Yet the bar doesn’t want to appear.

  26. Nina says:

    Is it possible that the sign, the column and the fountain are not available in all countrys? Because I’m from Germany and I could only find the bar. :(

  27. Lisa says:

    @Nina Same here, I’m from germany too and only found the bar..

  28. velocitygrass says:

    I’m in Germany and found five of them. Do you have three other featured items in the categories that these should be in? E.g. someone reported that the wall decoration is also free, but I cannot get that because I have three other featured items which I don’t already own, so it won’t display the one from the Casino for me.

  29. Lutale says:

    That’s awesome!!!

  30. babbylegs1970 says:

    I’m clicking on pictures to try and D/L but it won’t work how do I d/L into game?

    • Megan says:

      You don’t download it from clicking on the pictures. Launch the game and with in-game store enabled look around for the picture of the items and click on the picture and press download.

  31. D:X says:

    I can’t find in the sims 3 store for websites. Is it possible to get it in the websites? or just in-game if it is possible can you tell me where

    • Elyssande says:

      I don’t think you can get it anywhere else than in-game. Remember to turn on the store function if you’re searching for it in-game ;)

  32. MonaD says:

    I bought LPs and I think it’s great EA is offering this. I never check the in game store. I guess I will from now on.

  33. JoKnows says:

    Thanks SimsVip! Another successful visit to your awesome site! Yay! Got 3 Free things! Still looking for the bar LOL

  34. Mare1969 says:

    I have connected several times and looked carefully in every place, I only found the fountain. While I have read in many forums USA found that all 6 items for free. It’s not that much to change EA makes children and stepchildren, and 6 items from them only to Americans???

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