One Expansion & Two Stuff Packs Left?


Our readers Zuwairi & Mr. Plumbob noticed an odd glitch when updating to the recent Sims 3 Patch. Four base game icons appeared at the bottom of the launcher which may indicate how many games are left. One icon is definitely Seasons’, so could the other three be our final games?
Nothing is certain at this point, but previously found game coding coincides with this theory. If Decades & University prove to be true, I guess this leaves the final icon in place for a stuff pack.


Screen Shot 2012-09-27 at 20.32.47 Screen Shot 2012-09-29 at 11.49.09 AM


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  1. Randomer says:

    I’m Hoping for Vactions/Island Time combined with themes and abit of Business, Also i want another KP with the new fashion she has which is quite modern and dark.

    1. moodbeam says:

      NOOOOO! Please, no more Katy Perry! Leave her to what she does best; music.

    2. Mr X. says:

      No her music(if you can call that garbage music) is bad enough. We don’t need any more Katty Perry packs or an other celebrity packs for that matter because all it does is alienate people who aren’t fans of that celebrity.

      1. crimson says:


    3. Katherine says:

      ANYTHING BUT KATY PERRY! What a waste of a pack >.<

  2. luckypalms54 says:

    they just need to wait. or better yet, improve the sims3 making it the sims 4 but with the sims 3 title. theres so much more juice left in the sims 3

    1. tanna says:

      i agree

  3. GG says:

    I am the only one who has a feeling they might announce Sims 4 @ the Maxis conference tomorrow?

    1. maria_loves_alex says:

      I think its a little too early, my bet will be that it’ll be announced and possibly demoed at the next E3

      I don’t think I’ll jump on the TS4 band wagon right away as there’s still so much going for TS3 and I’ll need a new PC >.< hubby tells me I won't because mine is a state-of-the-art gaming machine yeah 4 years ago that is) what does he know LOL

  4. TLK4EVR says:

    It’d be nice if University includes restaurants, and I was hoping for a vacation expansion, but I guess I can get by with the traveler mod.

    On the topic of The Sims (4), I’m guessing since they want to just call it The Sims now, we’ll see fewer if any expansion packs and most additional content purchasable in-game. The’ll likely get rid of stuff packs altogether and there’ll just be an in-game store to pick and purchase individual items you want. And if there aren’t any expansion packs too it’s likely that the base game will include all the basic functions found in TS2/3 expansions (vacations, pets, clubs/bars, a wide variety of career options, university, etc) but will have a limited amount of clothing, hair, and object options, leaving the player to buy additional pieces as desired from the store. At least that’s how I see The Sims franchise going based on The Sims Social, The Sims Freeplay, The Sims 3 Store, and other EA projects. Lets hope they don’t make it so we have to “build” the objects after purchasing them too |:

  5. AmberIndia says:

    TS3 is bland and incomplete! I, like each one of you, hope there is more to this game! Redemption could be envisioned if all those expansion pack ideas featured in the surveys are implemented, (especially Vactioning, (Business + Apartments), (Country fair+ Farmlife). Also an ability to visit other worlds, thanks to Twallan, but it would be good to have downtown. If EA acquiring the game is one fatal flaw, the lack of attainment would thwart the hopes for TS4 at large. TS3 is quantity over quality, a lot of meaningless expansions. Celebrity features of Showtime and Latenight should have been clubbed to make one great Expansion. But what we got was 2 Superstar EPs and an SP. And reintroduction of Vampires in SN destroyed the last leg of LN. There is no sense of direction sadly! Katy Perry and Graham Nardone roam the streets of Moonlight Falls as zombies as both represent the game poorly!!

    1. Dave Goliath says:

      I disagree with everything u said.

      1. Whey dey do dat at? says:

        I second that notion…

    2. SimsJackal says:

      I also disagree. There’s so much hate for TS3 in the ‘it’s so boring and bland’ and I feel it’s very unfair. I feel they’ve had a lot of good quality stuff coming out.
      Is there bugs? Well yeah. There were bugs in TS Original. There were bugs in TS2.

      They can’t test for every single variable that the gigantic player base is going to come up with. It’s just life. Between the mods and the patches, stuff IS getting dealt with.

    3. Andrew says:

      I agree to some extent but I want Sims 3 to just be finished with. They didn’t do that well this time around, but they’ve improved over time. The problem is they looked upon only TS2 rather than both TS1 and 2 and really just the core of The Sims – what made it so great.

      It’s time for a TS4 to blow TS2 and TS3 away.

  6. pilouuuu says:

    The Sims 2 brought 3d graphics to the series, The Sims 3 the open neighbourhood.

    What improvement could The Sims 4 bring? They must make it in a simply mind-blowing engine for it to be worth it. And they’d better not put the always on-line crap they added to SimCity or I will be done with the franchise. I’ve been playing since the first game, but here they have the chance to totally ruin it. Hopefully not.

    I think they should wait for next-gen if TS4 is going to be any good, which should mean 2014, so I guess next year is really the last for TS3. It’s a bit of a pity because they still have plenty of things to add, like farming, vacations and theme parks. They could easily make 12 EPs for TS3.

    The Sims 4 better be truly amazing and include at least one of these things: pets and/or weather because it’ll be incredibly annoying buying all the same EP remakes again. They could do things differently now like adding dogs in the base game and then cats in the first EP and so on. They could add seasons in the base game too and make an EP about holidays including vacations and going to theme parks, circus, zoos. I don’t know. Make it different somehow!

    1. Arletta says:

      In all seriousness, I doubt they’d ever put pets or weather in a base game. Why would you skint yourselves of hundreds to thousands of dollars if you know ppl will pay extra via EP’s to have them? Simple answer, you wouldn’t.

      1. pilouuuu says:

        But the base game is always so empty! :-(

  7. I have no way possible way of confirming and i’m sure i could be wrong.

    But i just have a gut feeling the the entire bar on the launcher that holds the icons has to be full before TS3 is done.

    The game has so much more potential. And i don’t think everyone after spending so much money on TS3 will automatically just to TS4.

    The only thing they could add to TS4 is being able to make our own CC in-game like spore in a way. Sculpting our own objects and clothes and hair.

    Everything else like adding more channels increasing hood size ect can be added to TS3.

    I think the main issue was people expected TS3 to contain everything TS2 + all its expansions had in the base-game. But it didn’t. TS4 would have to include everything TS1-TS3 had to become a instant success since graphic wise they can easily improve the engine they are using now.

    All we can do is wait, i just hope they don’t dump TS3 so quickly.

    1. Harry says:

      Thank god. I’m not the only one who thinks the whole bar is going to be filled. With these four new icons it lookes even more incomplete then it does at the moment.
      I for one will not be getting TS4 for a long while because:
      A)computer wouldn’t be able to handle it
      B)TS# is fine for me, it is the best one so far (My opinion) and it still has so much potential.

      1. Harry says:

        Oops, sorry

  8. Mitsu says:

    Now THIS I could agree with :)

  9. Mitsu says:

    I dont know why so many people keep on insinuating that TS4 is coming out in 2014…why? Cause there is a “four” in the number? To me, I hope that this is not true, SP never really quite done a good enough job for me (save for Outdoor Living and High End Loft) but the majority of them were disappointing. I played University in TS2, and I got quite bored of it very easily. I do hope that when University is released for TS3, they will expand on it more and also add elements of Open For Business (another game that fans have been wanting to see for a long time), and I hope the final two EPs will be a Vacation-themed one and an Amusement-themed one, lets hope that if this is true, they will do what they did with Seasons and Supernatural, releasing an EP back to back rather than an SP in the middle, honestly, I dont think Decades is going to be very interesting to me.

    1. Guest says:

      Sims 2/4/2000 – 10/29/2003
      Sims 2 9/14/2004 – 11/17/2008
      Sims 3 6/2/2009 – 2013?

      There is almost a year cool off between the Installments, so if we are getting games in 2013, Sims 4 won’t be out until 2014. Also, it could be longer if they hit too many techincal snags along the way.

      1. Mitsu says:

        Great point there, but if 2013 will be the last year for TS3, I dont see how much profit they will make on the last EPs for TS3 if some people (not me lol) will wait for TS4 to arrive. I hope they take a steady amount of time off right after the final EP is released, that way it gives fans to appreciate TS3 in its entirety. I like many here, hope that the entire bottom bar must be full for TS3 to end, lol, I just feel like theres so much more than can be done for the game, I would be upset if they ended it like this, I feel like theres so much unfinished material to be done.

  10. Evan says:

    It’s hard to believe the sims 3 might be ending soon. Hopefully when it is over, and the sims 4 makes news, it’ll be like the new simcity with the good old Naxos label instead of the ea scar.

    1. Evan says:

      *maxis stupid autocorrect :P

  11. Guest says:

    This still bothered me, ,so I downloaded that loading screen page and filled in the blanks. IF you skip every other space, it works out that all the EPs mentioned in the last survey Fit.

  12. Svengo says:

    Am I the only one who counted 19 icons at the bottom? Being a bit of a Sims fanatic, I have 14 games (SP/EP), not including seasons (which is pre-ordered) So if Seasons is next, 15, University, 16…what about the other 3?

    1. Svengo says:

      Im tired, so if ive missed something, sorry :D

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