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*Update* 10/8/12SimGuruSarah has commented…




Rincon Del Simmer – Thanks Andrwessx – has noticed that many of the Free Sims 3 Store Content has been abruptly removed. There are still five free sets left in the Holiday Gifts section, but many of the festive/free sets have been removed.
These sets can still be found in your purchase history, however it’s good idea to save backups of your downloads just in case. The pictured sets below are all that is left, but you can check our Free Content List to see that plenty free sets have been removed. (Some Car Sets also)




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  1. Cynthia says:

    Noooo! I was waiting to get my new laptop before I downloaded the valentines and halloween stuff. I never downloaded them before for them to be in my purchase history. :(

  2. lolajust says:

    Ok wth??????? They even took away the Christmas tree set!

  3. Amy says:

    I never knew the hibiscus trio was free? I thought it was a ridiculous number of Simpoints instead? That’s why I skipped it. Thankful I have everything else.

    1. Steph says:

      the hibicus trio is not free still 500sp or buy in game for 175 ea
      i’m guessing ea have it there in that section because it’s a”set” just like the octoberfest clothing set it’s a buy item too

    2. SimsVIP says:

      It isn’t, but they have it listed there anyway.

      1. Nichelle says:

        But it was listed as free when I downloaded it? I would never buy that hibiscus trio otherwise..

        1. SimsVIP says:

          Yea, it was a glitch and then “corrected” once we posted on it. :P

  4. Randomer says:

    Seriously EA!!??!! Why Remove the Free content?? The Christmas & Halloween Sets did not need to be taken away!!

  5. Bunbunnyny says:

    A LOT of people on the TS3 Seasons forums are concerned they are going to re-release them with a charge and as Premium Content!

  6. sims4life says:

    Are they planing to make a new free set or is there a new and improved version coming with seasons?

  7. SimsVIP says:

    The only thing I could imagine them doing, is make a special “Seasons holiday” edition and add everything there. :?:

    1. lilsis3421 says:

      that sounds like a possibility…or maybe even include them in Seasons?

      1. SimsVIP says:

        I’m pretty sure that in order to keep the game politically (and religiously) correct, they would never put in a Christmas Tree for example, unless they threw in something that represents every single religion. (which would be very hard)

        1. lilsis3421 says:

          yeah it was more of just a prancing thought in my head than a suggestion or otherwise. either way removing any of the content just release it again still seems kinda pointless to me.

  8. max says:

    I think they are updating the sets, because a lot of set the took out sre seasonal sets. harvest (fall) christmas (winter) valentine (spring)

  9. Randomer says:

    Does Anyone know if there will be halloween content this month? :)

  10. lightningzap says:

    The Oktoberfest Celebration isn’t free though…

  11. catloverplayer says:

    How do I back up my downloads?

    1. Steph says:

      go to the ea folder open it then see folder the sims 3 open that go to the downloads folder copy that to your desktop and also back it up to a thumb drive or portable hard drive i do the same with save games too :)

      actually simssvip explains it better than i do :embaressed:

  12. catloverplayer says:

    The Valentine Sets and Christmas Sets are gone. I find this odd since Seasons doesn’t have a Christmas Tree they would take those down plus the VDay stuff woulds have complimented Love Day.

    Also the Harvest Sets are gone. They would have worked great with the Fall in Seasons.

  13. Guest says:

    Glad I have it saved to my purchase history….or will it not work at all…hmmm

    It can still be downloaded if in purchase history…I wonder why they’d remove it all so close to Seasons’ release as well…Hope it wasn’t tacky, like putting it in the EP.

    1. Erika says:

      Same, not sure if the download will be broken or not.

  14. I wouldn’t put it past them to remove the free stuff and put something back up in the Store as a pay set(s).

  15. Erika says:

    Odd. I assume they will either be remaking those sets, putting them in one big holiday pack (for profit though) Or they decided that nothing should be free anymore O_O

  16. maria_loves_alex says:

    maybe they’ll re-upload them as a big free items compilation to save room…?

  17. max says:

    2 of the halloween sets are gone too

  18. Crin says:

    Anyone even considered that this is one of the many glitches they have with that site ? Unless there’s an official statement that they were removed, I’m going with glitch.

    1. SimsVIP says:

      They removed a bunch of stuff over the course of 3 months. This just happen to be very noticeable. :P

  19. Destiny says:

    I feel like this has something to do with Seasons if it isn’t a glitch. If they took away the Christmas tree as a ploy to get people to buy it, that’s really kinda bullshit. Glad it’s in my purchase history.

  20. CoolGaming says:

    Well, that was interesting. I was about to download all of them.

    1. CoolGaming says:

      I meant not interesting. :l

  21. catloverplayer says:

    Boy that’s a relief. That makes sense to release them only around the holiday period.

  22. MadameButterfly says:

    Glad I have mine, and that I am not subject to their odd whims!

  23. catloverplayer says:

    She just commented that the sets would be free once thier put back up.

  24. maria_loves_alex says:

    EA starting to sound like Disney again >.< why can't they just stay there?

    1. MrHawk says:

      Exactly. Why does everything have to be a gimmick? Especially when they go backwards to add gimmicks to old things?

      Weird decision.

      1. Iron Seagull says:

        lol yeah, just because a successful company does one thing doesn’t always mean everyone else should do the same. If they were adding new functions to the objects it would make a little bit of sense, but this seems nothing but an inconvenience especially since time in The Sims doesn’t match up with ours. It could be fall in real life but winter in our sims’ neighbourhood. They really should reconsider this decision, but I doubt they will.

  25. Mitsu says:

    That Sarah guru kind of ignored the question the person asked on Twitter, lol. I assume that we will get a special all holiday premium content package that makes some of the holidays more interactive. :)

    1. catloverplayer says:

      Yes she didn’t tell me yes or no. A hint maybe?

      1. Conclue says:

        Because their gonna do it like they’ve done with other sets.

        What I’m thinking now for sure is that it will be a very large set (lots of objects, multiple PC) for both Halloween & Christmas (2 sets I’m thinking at different times) and that with that we’ll get loads of *NEW* stuff and they will repackage in the old stuff for free so that it becomes one of those typical EA marketing strategies… “Want this? You have to buy that….” So, the stuff will still be free, but it will be packaged as a set and probably not for individual download so you have to buy the PC sets that will compliment Seasons.

        I think it’s whack, but that’s EA’s money hungary bas**** at work.
        I don’t care that much, because I had allready gotten all of that stuff even though it’s stupid to have w/o Seasons. AND I’m a big supporter of PC themed Seasons sets for holidays so that the player can decide if they so wish to have a “Christmas Morning” or “Hannakah” party. I don’t much about other holidays other than those two, so I couldn’t come up with PC ideas. I know a Tree & Manorah would be great PC. Maybe a spin the dradle PC game would be cool too.

        I just hope the Halloween set comes out BEFORE Seasons. I want it for actual Halloween in RL. Hopefully that’s next weeks set. Probably won’t be. They’re good at packaging products to make you spend money but not so good at timing things right. LOL

      2. Mitsu says:

        For for me that was pretty much a hint that the holidays will come with a premium content item or items, thanks for asking catloveplayer! :)

  26. catloverplayer says:

    I’m still wondering about the cars that have gone missing especially the Ford Focus and that Skydiving Rabbithole that came with it.

    And I’m the person who asked on twitter. I’m sharkloverplayer aka catloverplayer.

    1. Mangoesandlimes says:

      I’d assume the promotion just ended there. There was probably something in the contract with Ford that the sets would only be up for a certain amount of time. I wish they’d give us some notice, though. I wouldn’t mind this vaulting and removal so much if we had a month’s warning that we needed to download stuff and spread the word.

  27. max says:

    so they are to lazy to make new christmas, halloween, harvest and new year sets? and just take away the old ones and pretend like they are new when they release them?
    that’s so sad

  28. Conclue says:

    May I add that Sarah’s response is dripping with corporate bull. She doesn’t talk like that. That statement was sent via email by her boss. LOL

    Why would you vault free sets to be released during the apprioate time of year when it is currently that time?

    Good god Sarah, you could have at least told your boss “um, this isn’t really a good explanation. It basically says “We’re not going to answer your question, but you will get them back just as soon as we are done making the new stuff that will be released for 2100 simpoints”


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