Preview: SimsVIP’s University Guide Layout


I have already started work on our University guide! During the week of University’s release, I am taking the week off work to complete the full guide. Our readers will have a thorough and detailed guide to refer to within days of release.
Our Guide PDF’s are downloadable and printable, so no need to be online to view the guide! The guides are also Tablet and smartphone friendly. I’m looking forward to completion of the University guide, and I want to thank everyone for making all of our guides a success! :)
Petar from SimHrvatska is the talented Simmer who helps create the PDF Guide Layouts for all of my Game Guides, and today, I am happy to share our completed design for the SimsVIP University Guide!



Sims 3 University/Island Paradise Fansite Previews

There have recently been many events around the world for University Life, and below is a list of all event previews, complete with brand new screenshots! As more previews become available, I will be sure to post them below.


Added 2/20/13

♦ Platinum Simmers University Preview

♦ Edenstyle University Preview Part 4

♦ Edenstyle University Preview Part 5

♦ Edenstyle University Preview Part 6

♦ Edenstyle University Preview Part 7

Added 2/18/13

♦ Pinguintech University Preview
Added 2/17/13

♦ Edenstyle University Preview Part 3

♦ GamersNet Island Paradise Preview

Added 2/16/13

♦ Centrum Simow University Screens

♦ iSims Germany University Preview (6 Sections)

♦ AltomSims University CAS Screens

♦ AltomSims University Preview

Added 2/15/13

♦ SimCookie’s University Preview Part #2

♦ L’Universe Sims University Preview

♦ Urbania Sims University Preview Part #1

♦ Sims True Life University Preview (Translate with a browser as google breaks the site)

♦ Sims True Life More University Screens

♦ Edenstyle University Preview Part #2

♦ Sims Artist PlantSim Preview

♦ Sims Artist Build/Buy Mode Screens

♦ SimFan’s University Preview Parts #1 – #7

♦ SimFan’s Interactive University Map

Added 2/14/13

Sims 3 Cri’s University Preview (6 pages total)

Simway’s Male University Create a Sim Screens

♦ Simway’s Female University Create a Sim Screens

Simway’s University Build/Buy mode Screens

Simway’s Island Paradise info bits post

SimCookie’s University Preview Part #1

iSims Sweden University Preview (6 sections total)

Fraizesaux Sims 3 University Preview

♦ Sims True Life University Screenshots

♦ Sims True Life University Preview (Translate with a browser as google breaks the site)

♦ Sims True Life’s University Videos (16 Videos Total)

♦ Mondo Sims University Preview

♦ Edenstyle University Preview

♦ Pulversoppa on Official Forums

♦ Centrum Simow University Create a Sim Screenshots

♦ Centrum Simow University Video


Island Paradise: Trash Barge Screenshot


Via SimGuruGraham



Sims 3 University Life: Simlish Soundtrack


Via The Sims 3

Whether Sims are throwing the party of their lives, rallying a protest or hitting the books, we think that these new Simlish tunes are sure to leave a footprint your time spent playing University Life.
There’s new music from the California indie rock band The Mowgli’s, the British Pop group Blaise, the Norwegian sensation Donkeyboy and many more. With such an eclectic mix of songs to choose from, you and your Sims are sure to have the time of your lives in this pack. Here’s the full list of artists:
•    Ashtar Command – “All of our Lives we Must Learn to Forget”

•    Dan Deacon – “True Thrush”

•    Gold Fields – “Treehouse”

•    The Mowgli’s – “San Francisco”

•    The Royal Concept – “D amn”

•    The Shades – “Gobba Bweezie”

•    Blaise – “Thunderstorm”

•    Leontib – “U Nu Wah”

•    Donkeyboy – “City Boy”

•    The Penelopes – “Now Now Now”

Sims 3 Store: Sales Page Update


Click Below! – Thanks Leanne!



SimFans: Interactive University Campus Map


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Two New Aurora Skies Screenshots


Via The Sims 3 UK & SimGuruSmitty

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Two New Island Paradise Screenshots


Hat Tip: SimCookie

Untitled Untitled


Sims Island Paradise: New Death Revealed


SimGuruTrev has confirmed that a new death will be accompanying Island Paradise! When Sims are Scuba Diving, they better make sure they have enough oxygen to last underwater!


Sims 3 Island Paradise: Official Logo