Origin Update – 3/26/13


For those who use Origin’s Download Manager, there is a new update available today. The full version after update will be Version – 218578
(Version before Update: – 217717.)


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Seasons’ Aliens & University’s Forbidden Fruit

As noted by Vuneca on official forums, when you have The Sims 3 Seasons & University Expansions installed, the Forbidden Fruit offers a new way to create and add an Alien to your household.
Aliens who “pick” the forbidden fruit have a chance of receiving an “Alien Plant Baby”. This type of PlantSim baby will not acquire the PlantSim occult trait.
Aliens who are successful at picking a Plant Baby will pass on 50% of their DNA bloodline. Any DNA percentage lower than 20%, is no longer considered an Alien in the game, and therefore has no alien powers. Babies who have less than 20% of Alien DNA will acquire the PlantSim powers.

For more information on Aliens, please refer to our Seasons Game Guide

For more information on PlantSims, please refer to our University Game Guide


:!: These are DNA samples from a test I personally conducted, so results will vary in different games
♦ 100% Alien DNA + Forbidden Fruit Baby Pick = 51.8% (+/- 10%) Alien DNA
♦ 50% Alien DNA + Forbidden Fruit Baby Pick = 21.3% (+/- 10%) Alien DNA
♦ 21.3 Alien DNA + Forbidden Fruit Baby Pick = 15.2% (+/- 10%) Alien DNA (No Alien Powers; Is PlantSim)



Community Blog: Welcome to Paradise


Via The Sims 3 Community Blog

@SimGuruRyan, Lead Producer for The Sims 3 introduces the newest expansion, The Sims 3 Island Paradise, dropping anchor this June!
When we started work on The Sims 3 Island Paradise , we had one goal – to deliver you the content, features, and gameplay to not just create and play with an island paradise, but to create and play with what you envision an island paradise to be. We all have different ideas of what paradise means, so we strived to create an expansion that includes as many of those concepts as possible.
Through features like sailing the open seas on a houseboat of your own design, scuba diving in search of sunken treasure, or relaxing in the lap of luxury at a mega resort (just to name a few!), The Sims 3 Island Paradise gives you the opportunity to both create paradise, and then play with it. As we continue to build Island Paradise, we’re focusing on a few major parts of the game to achieve this.



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Sims 3 Island Paradise: New Screenshot


Via SimGuruRyan



Origin Update – 3/25/13


For those who use Origin’s Download Manager, there is a new update available today. The full version after update will be – 217717.
(Version before Update: – 214647)


Origin 9


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Island Paradise Foundation Alteration


Graham Nardone has recently confirmed on his twitter that there are new things in store for foundations in Island Paradise. He supplied the following picture and information:


Foundations still default to the same height, the terrain around them was raised.

You can raise terrain around them so only one stair step is necessary for sims to climb up on them (same height as platforms).

Island Paradise Foundations



For more information on Island Paradise, please read our fact sheet, linked to at the bottom of this post!


Island Paradise Fact Sheet


Target Sale: University Life $19.99 (3/24 – 3/30)


Starting tomorrow, Target is offering the Base Game, The Sims 3 University Life, and other select titles for only $19.99! This sale is valid for one week only!


Thanks Dani!

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In-Game Discounts & Free Content (3/23 – 3/24)


Don’t miss the latest in-game store discounts and free content happening from Saturday, March 23rd at 12am PST to Sunday, March 24th at 11:59 pm PST. This week, we’re featuring the Edwardian Expression Kitchen – Haute High Hanging Wall Shelf and the Edwardian Expression – Bonhomie Barstool as our free store content of the weekend. Our featured in-game discount this weekend is the Edwardian Expression Kitchen Set. Get them today! Look below to see where you can find these awesome items in game: 
Edwardian Expression Kitchen – Haute High Hanging Wall Shelf :


Edwardian Expression – Bonhomie Barstool:

Edwardian Expression Kitchen Set: 


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SimsVIP Banners That Never Made The Cut…
Posted by Site News


So as you all know, the wonderful GeorgefPlay creates the amazing banner assets that dress up the site. When George starts creating the perfect banner for SimsVIP, I expect nothing but the best. During this time I become a very very picky person. :mrgreen:


The process goes as follows:

1) George makes a mock up banner and sends it my way

2) I complain and want everything changed

3) George updates the original banner

4) I nit pick at something else

5) George creates another updated banner

6) I complain about something else

7) George updates the banner once again

8) I want it scrapped and done again from scratch


This process has gone on for days and days at a time, and I am not kidding when I say I infuriate George to the point of no return. When I get George’s blood boiling with my nit picking, he ends up giving me banners that “never make the cut”.
The crazy banners that have resulted from my nit picking have made us laugh to no end. With that said, today I present to you the SimsVIP Banners that never made the cut! Enjoy! :P

Click the images for a larger view!

70s80s90sderp generationsderp seasonsderp queenbey supernaturalderp simsvipderp umad universityderp


Sims 3 Store: Sales Page Update


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