Twallan Mods Updated For Patch 1.38


Gotta love Twallan! He has updated all his mods with the exception of Woohooer, but he will have it ready in time for Supernatural’s release. In the mean time, go get the updated mods! :)




Target Sale: BOGO Sims 3 Games


Target is having a BOGO 50% Sale on all Sims 3 games, and it includes Supernatural! Check out their weekly ad and make sure head into your local store for the deal! Offer valid until 9/8/12.




Patch 1.38: Create A Ghost (Including Supernatural’s)


Patch 1.38 has updated a ghost’s CAS options by adding the ability to choose death types for Sims, and keep them. The easiest way to make it happen according to Tom and Annabelle, is to Edit the - already ghostly - Sim in CAS, Choose a death type, Save to the Bin and exit. Once you go into Edit Town to “Create a New Household”, you will be able to select the ghost and drop it into your household.
I tested this to see if it works, and it sure does! It is note worthy that you remember which Sim you customized as a ghost because it will show up in your CAS Sim Bin as a regular, non-ghostly, Sim. If you Edit a Ghost in CAS, make changes and then exit, the Sim will not change appearances. The steps above must be followed to make this happen.

All credit goes out to swdknight who first discovered this. :)


Ghosts in CAS


Redeeming Supernatural’s Origin & LE Content


:!: Once you redeem your bonus Content, it will be available in your purchase history for download. Allow up to 10 minutes for it to register.  If after 10 minutes it does not appear in your purchase history, log out of the and log back in. 
:!: Click the Blue Links to redeem




Origin Exclusive Plants vs. Zombies Decor Pack

♦ Plantern lamp – This unique item looks just like the planterns that keep the fog at bay in the Plants vs Zombies game. Use it to light your Sim’s house or yard!
♦ Wall-nut sculpture – Nothing says “get off my lawn” like an angry-eyed wall-nut. Place one at a time, or put down a whole row as a fence.
♦ Zombie gnome sculpture – The iconic undead garden gnome from PvZ can grace your Sim’s house or garden.
♦ Brains flag sculpture – Deck out your garden, rooftop, or anywhere with this flag used to lead the charge in Plants vs Zombies. Those guys really love brains.

Origin Exclusive Supernatural Content





Supernatural Limited Edition Content

Peashooter – This steadfast ally is ready to defend your house from zombified Sims and other unsavory characters like burglars and repo men! It actually shoots peas at unwanted guests!
Ripped Zombie Suit Outfit – Dress your male or female Sim in the classic zombie attire from PvZ
Newspaper Zombie Suit Outfit – There’s nothing quite as terrifying as loud boxers and sock garters. Dress your male or female Sim up as the newspaper zombie from PvZ
Cone and Bucket Hats – Those pesky zombies might have worn these objects for protection, but they also make a bold fashion statement. Deck your male or female Sim out in this hilarious headgear.






Supernatural’s Registration Bonus Content

Now your Sims can proudly display their love of the classic game Plants vs. Zombies with a Plants vs. Zombies t-shirt and poster.




Sims 3 Supernatural Loading Screen (Video)


Via Rincon Del Simmer


Pre Order Seasons Limited Edition @ GAME (UK)


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GAME Seasons


Amazon’s Labor Day Sale (9/1/12 – 9/9/12)


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Parsimonious’ Astorina Previews Supernatural


I attended a Preview Event for this Expansion pack at EA’s UK Supernatural Tour stop-off in Glasgow. I had the opportunity to play the game for two hours… which was not nearly enough! The game just seemed to throw so much at you at once I could have taken it in any direction and played any particular type of supernatural.
I decided after much deliberation to have a look at the family names and descriptions for the residents of Moonlight falls, which is the brand new world included in this EP.


Families are based heavily on popular culture, Twilight, Charmed, Bewitched, Being Human, and funnily enough the family with the fortune teller contained Ghosts from the Goth Manor tombstones of the original game. The two Warring families are the Wolffs and the Van Goulds. I played around with the Crumplebottom sisters who are clearly based on Charmed.





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Fog Emitter Codes Updated To Supernatural

Another game, another batch of codes! Special thanks to iPlaySims for passing on the updated Fog Emitter codes! Enjoy everyone! :)

Download:  Fog Emitter Codes Updated to Supernatural


Sims Nieuws Previews Supernatural (Gamescom)



Gamescom 2012: many people, long lines at the men’s room, shorter queues at the female toilets, many games, stunning sound, mega large halls, long waits, many aimless walk but lots of fun! This year was again at Sims News, read our report!
Since the community lounge, where you as a fan site go to the new games to play and the presentation to follow, until 12 o’clock opened and we were very early were decided, the fansites together, but some rounds to run through the halls of Gamescom. Of course we went to the state of EA, because of course we wanted to see what games they showed and maybe we could play some time?