Generations Memories & Free Store Content

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When uploading your sim memories with Generations, you will receive badges & also some neat store content for doing so. Crinrict has a special note about this on her blog.


NEWS: Memories and the Sims 3 Store

As it has been mentioned before, you can share the memories that you well get with Patch 1.21 and the Generations EP in Facebook and your Sims 3 profile.

If you’ve uploaded a certain amount of memories, you will get a Badge AND an object from the Sims 3 Store for free. I have uploaded a little over 25 memories so far. Here are pics of what I’ve gotten so far (you have to check your purchase history, you won’t get a message about them)

The badges are shown here: badges are shown here:


Because of the order in my purchase history I would think it’s as follows

1 Memory = Barbacue
5 Memories = Book Case
10 Memories = Computer
25 Memories = Hot Tub
50 Memories = Aerobic Outfit
100 Memories = Toddler Outfit
200 Memories = Teen Shirt